Epic Games is making a rather massive change to "Fortnite" and the way people are able to get loot. In a blog post released on Friday, the company said it was doing away with the mystery loot boxes. These were something that have been with the game since it first launched on the PS4 and Xbox One.

X-Ray Llamas come to 'Fortnite'

This change isn't the one that some "Fortnite" players have been waiting for, but it is one that is going to be changing the way people use the in-game currency for the foreseeable future. The removal of the mystery loot boxes means that anyone who is looking to get one of those boxes will now be able to see exactly what they are getting and choose whether they want to settle for what's in the box, or pass it up and wait until the next one.

The blog post laid out that players will be able to see what's in these loot boxes thanks to X-Ray Llamas. Until today, these were referred to as V-Buck Llamas. These animals were once used to roll out the boxes, and now they will be able to show players just what they are about to get. Should someone decide they don't want what's on offer, they will be able to wait until the daily store refreshes and try again.

The change is coming but not here yet

The change is starting in update v7.30, and Epic Games says that any Llama available in the V-bucks store will show it's contents without requiring a purchase. The company also made sure to try and tamp down any concern that there were going to be changes with how to get the Llamas.

The company says the prices for these will remain exactly the same and the players will be able to earn them through in-game play.

Beyond that, the company laid out how the new X-Ray Llamas are going to work from here on out. "The price doesn’t change when the llama upgrades - you can see the upgrade before you purchase, and any item can come from the cheapest Llama.

You can wait and find your favorite weapon in a 50 V-Buck llama, with no guessing!"

The company added that the items that are going to be on offer in the daily store are going to be tied in some way to a player's individual account. That will help those players avoid running into duplicate items, at least on a regular basis.

As Epic Games points out, this means that players will be able to get all the fun of opening loot boxes, without having to worry that you are getting an item you never wanted in the first place. This announcement should make some "Fortnite" players quite happy and it might even help fight off the outrage over a number of different glitches that have popped up in the game recently.