Gates, to “Destiny 2’s” Black Armory, have finally been opened and players are back in the grind to get those new weapons that went alongside the expansion’s release. Guardians are also beginning to discover some interesting stuff that is scattered across the game. One of them includes a box that has four locks and there are some who already managed to unlock one of those locks and have provided a walkthrough on how to do it.

The Fishhook lock

Reddit user u/Deathbring recently took to raidsecrets subreddit to show how to unlock the mysterious item’s fishhook lock.

Per the player’s post, there will be a couple of shield drones during the early seconds of the EDZ forge’s second round. The first drone is at the island where it was stated to show up near at the top of the left tree. The other one will be at the cave and will spawn “near its mouth.” Eliminating these drones will reward Guardians with a buff known as Maximum Temper. Completing the forge (and eliminating the boss according to other players) will spawn a chest with a key that will unlock the fishhook lock. Deathbring went on stating that the rest of the forges might have something similar to this in opening the remaining locks.

Massive glitch

Meanwhile, Bungie recently tweeted out something about fixing an issue regarding the Vex Minotaur Protheon the Modular Mind where the developer stated that it grew three times bigger than the usual in the 2.1.0 patch.

However, the glitch did not go live since it was discovered by the game maker before the last update. This made fans musing about it resulting in a petition that was posted over on the Destiny subreddit requesting Bungie to show the footage of overgrown Vex.

The developer did not fail its player base as they tweeted a short clip of Protheon in all of his “bigboi” glory.

The post gained some traction as some players wished that the glitch should’ve stayed in the game. Fellow game developer Blizzard Entertainment also took notice of the tweet to which Bungie replied with a gif image alongside with the caption stating that they might need Sombra’s help. That said, someone from the comments suggested a collaboration between the two franchises, though it is pretty much unlikely to happen.

About The Dawning

Another Reddit user - u/Ginsor - has recently datamined an interesting image about “Destiny 2’s” The Dawning event where it hinted at a Holiday-themed Sparrow. He also dug up some new UI images that went live alongside patch