Just a couple more days to go before players begin grinding for those new Exotics that will be rolled out alongside “Destiny 2’s” “Black Armory” expansion. Bungie also made some clarifications regarding the game’s Refer A Friend feature and at the same time responded to some player feedback and suggestions.

The YouTube channel "Cheese Forever" recently uploaded a video where he points out what he calls bugs in the above-mentioned feature in “D2.” Per the seven-minute clip, the YouTuber listed what he believes are bugs in “D2’s” Refer A Friend:”

  • The XP buff has two different names
  • The XP buff does not work or give either of the players extra XP
  • Emblem tracking does not work on a player’s first referral
  • Players get an extra Shader that breaks both Sparrow and Ship models
  • If a player has already referred three players, the emote that was added by Bungie is not being awarded to that player.

Refer A Friend clarification

Someone from Bungie responded over on the Destiny subreddit stating that the emote will be available this December 4 and assured players who have already referred three Guardians that “it will be waiting for them” on that date.

The other issues that were pointed out were not addressed, though.

Cozmo also answered several player concerns as one of them includes invader advantages. This came after someone from the same subreddit asked as to why the invader gets so many handicaps and even suggested they nerf the Queenbreaker. Cozmo replied, noting that it’s four against one, adding that the invader has limited time to hunt. He went on, stating that the suggestion will be passed along to the team.

Brakion’s weapon

The community manager also took to Twitter to announce that they are also investigating an issue with Brakion where its line rifle seems to be missing. YouTuber Cheese Forever pointed out, though that the Hobgoblin still have both of its flamethrower and stomp mechanics.

RNG cosmetics

Another concern that got addressed was about the RNG cosmetics and Braytech weapons being tied to titles that have irked a lot of “D2” players. This too will be discussed, according to Cozmo. The same thing goes with Factions as players have been requesting for its return, though not the rallies.

On the Heavy spawn glitch

Dmg, on the other hand, responded to another Reddit user who pitched in the idea of keeping the so-called heavy spawn glitch. Per his reply, he stated that they’re having talks about it, adding that he will be rolling out updates once they arrive. He stated, however, that the glitch will still be fixed and feedback over spawn cadence will be addressed.