Studio Wildcard has finally released “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” third expansion dubbed as “Extinction.” However, its launch was met with numerous issues that got a lot of Survivors pretty much disappointed. That said, the game developer recently rolled out a State of the Game post as it detailed some of the updates regarding the new DLC. Patch v287.100 for PC was also posted today, November 17 alongside the addition of new Conquest servers.

The latest Extinction patch has brought in a lot of tweaks as most of them are for the DLC’s newly introduced creatures.

It is also noticeable that Titans received several nerfs overall that irked some of its player base.

Titans getting some nerf

One of the interesting changes among these massive creatures include the damage being dealt by Wild Titans to their tamed counterparts as it is now increased up to five times. The developer also increased their starvation rate by approximately three times, not to mention that they also set the food to zero whenever these creatures got downloaded from another server. The patch also stated that the Titans’ health regeneration will be switched off after one hour post tame.

Other changes include the amount of damage that was accrued during the Titan boss battle will now be the deciding factor of the tamed Titan’s quality.

For the uninitiated, it was initially health at tame time.

Tweaks and fixes for each of these Titans were also discussed in the patch notes:

Forest Titan

  • An issue on its vine attack where it’s not showing on servers with low fps has been fixed
  • Devs also rolled out a so-called speculative fix on an issue where the creature falls through the floor

Desert Titan

  • Lowered its lightning recharge from eight seconds down to five
  • Its lightning attack range getting a 33 percent reduction
  • Lightning can no longer hit through walls
  • They also prevented stasis on dedicated for flocks

Ice Titan

  • Ice block was removed as it gets in the way of the Titan battle
  • The inclusion of a failsafe for ice aura when tamed

Some notable tweaks on other creatures

The update also gave a nerf to the Managarmr’s stamina as it was stated that whenever it performs chained jumps, its stamina will drain quicker.

The Snow Owl’s Freeze has been disabled against other players in PvE mode. It further explained that the creature can only use the encapsulate buff to enemies to heal, but not freeze them. The Velonasaur, on the other hand, received several improvements and fixes.