"Fortnite Battle Royale" has received numerous changes since its release in September 2017. Epic Games have worked hard to keep players happy with new content, but there have been a lot of small patches and balance changes as well. Many items are no longer in the game or they look nothing compared to what they looked like a year ago. Fortunately, the developer will keep releasing changes and try to make the game as balanced as possible.

"Fortnite" players have just received the v6.30 patch which has added a new weapon and a new limited-time game mode.

Dynamite has been added to the game and players can test their skills in the new Wild West mode. While it's been only a few hours since the patch went live, Epic Games' lead developer Eric Williamson has given us some interesting information about the upcoming change to a Pump Shotgun.

Pump Shotgun buff

Pump Shotgun has gone through a lot of changes in the last few months. There is no doubt that its peak happened during the "double pumping" era as it was arguably the best weapon in the game. Not only were players able to fire off multiple shotguns quickly, but the maximum damage of this weapon was over 200. It took only one headshot to take an enemy down, which made Pump Shotgun an incredible "Fortnite Battle Royale" weapon.

Epic Games had removed the double pumping technique, but also lowered the base damage and the headshot multiplier for this gun. Now, Pump Shotgun does 170 maximum damage, and double pumping is no longer possible. However, this wouldn't be a big problem if the game registered hits correctly. Many players have complained about doing just 7 damage with the gun, and this will be fixed in the next patch.

Eric Williamson has announced that the shotgun will be buffed in the v6.31 patch. Considering the timing of "Fortnite Battle Royale" updates, we can expect this patch to be released on Tuesday, November 27. According to the developer, these balance changes will make Pump Shotgun much more effective. Its damage in close range will be increased, but its overall range will receive a slight reduction.

What makes this update really good is the fact that all shotguns will have a minimum damage of three pellets. In short, shotguns will no longer deal 7 damage.

Season 7

Epic Games have dropped numerous hints about the season 7 theme, and we believe that it will have a snowy map. The season is scheduled to be released in early December.