Another “PUBG” glitch has been discovered by players as it allowed them to peek through walls by simply doing an emote. PUBG Corporation also announced a new Xbox event mode akin to Desert Knights.

Reddit user u/CaptainForgee recently took to Pubattlegrounds’ subreddit to show the above-mentioned exploit where the short clip showed the player (in first-person) was able to see through walls while using the laughing emote. The glitch is simple and easy to replicate as it can be observed that the player just stood against the wall and was able to see the outside while the emote was in effect.

However, it’s still uncertain as to whether the player who performs the glitch is poking through the wall and can be shot by other players or not. In line with this, someone from the thread also pointed out that a similar glitch can be done by using boosters while players are standing next to walls.

Noted and passed along

Dbltap, on the other hand, noted that this is the second time that a first-person-related issue has been documented in “PUBG” this past week. The first one was a bug that causes players who are in third-person view to be somewhat forced to play in first-person mid-game. That said, PUBG’s Community Manager Hawkinz responded to the concern and he assured their community that the issue has been noted and passed along to the game’s development team.

Overpower goes live today

Meanwhile, PUBG’s Xbox team has recently announced that a new event mode dubbed Overpower is slated go live today. Per the dev team’s blog post, it will be another War Mode event adding that it will borrow the rules of Desert Knights to “get the chaos going and players’ blood pumping.” It was also stated that all players will spawn and will get level three Care Package weapons and gear.

The post stated that its available queues include:

  • Three eight-man squads fight on Erangle
  • NA/EU/OC: First-person perspective only
  • It’s also important to know that getting into the event lobby as a group may cause it to crash/disband. It’s better to invite other members of the squad once a member is inside the lobby.

Alongside the rules taken from Desert Knights, other event rules include:

  • Red Zones, Care Packages, and Friendly Fire are all disabled in this event mode.
  • Vehicles will not spawn
  • Weather is fixed to sunny

Overpower officially kicks off today, November 1 at 7 p.m. PDT (November 2, 4 a.m. CET) until November 4 at 7 p.m. PST (November 5, 4 a.m. CET).