Bungie has just rolled out its weekly reset for “Destiny 2” as it brought in some changes in the game alongside some new bounties and challenges. The developer also announced that the game’s new Crucible mode - Breakthrough - has been removed, for a time, as they check some of its flaws. In line with this, they also responded to issues and suggestions that were being brought up by its player base over on their social media channels.

Bungie Community Manager Dmg recently revealed over on their community forums page that Xur won’t be selling “Forsaken” Exotics this week.

This after someone made a petition to have the strange vendor sell some “Forsaken” armor this week. Dmg stated, though, that feedback about Xur will be passed along as they come in.

Nightfall Scores

Dmg also took to Twitter to reveal that they are looking into bringing back the Nightfall scores to BWU. He further explained that with three strikes per week, they plan on either highlighting the top team per strike per week or do a monthly summary of all Nightfalls.

A quicker way to acquire bounties

He also made it known, over on the Destiny subreddit, that Bungie is well aware that the “D2” community has been requesting to have quicker ways for acquiring bounties.

A Reddit user recently suggested that the game’s Companion App would be useful if Guardians could pick up bounties from it. Such feedback has been passed along, though, there’s no ETA as to when this could happen.

In line with this, Bungie’s Edgar Verona (u/EdgarVerona) has already responded to a similar Reddit post a few weeks back involving the Companion App.

Per Verona, there could be a few challenges on both technical and design aspects of it that might impede them from doing it. However, he stated that they’ve been “thinking similarly” as they continue to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Bungie is also investigating several bugs that were recently brought up by some of their players.

One of the bugs that was pointed out was the Exotic gauntlet Ophidian Aspect as it was observed by players to cancel out Nova Warp’s range boost. Another issue that’s also being looked upon is a bug within Crucible/Gambit that barred Guardians from backing out from matchmaking. Dmg also stated that it is a known issue where Exotics from 500 are dropping at year one LL cap and is now being checked. He went on stating that the bug usually happens whenever players use a Vanguard Boon.