The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal new changes for fan-favorite defense character, Torbjorn. Game director Jeff Kaplan announced these changes in the latest development update video teasing video game fans of two new move sets for him. Torbjorn is the latest playable character to have a new set of moves within the game alongside Hanzo, Symmetra, D.Va, and Mercy.

Blizzard Entertainment also announced new option settings for the game to cater for players who have colorblindness. "Overwatch" is currently available in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, and it is considered one of the most popular first-person shooters in the world.

Torbjorn's gameplay rework

According to Game Rant, Jeff Kaplan announced in "Overwatch's" development update that Torbjorn will have two new move sets in the game. The first move is called "Overload" and it works similar to his Ultimate, Molten Core.

Overload will provide increased movement speed, damage resistance, and increased firing rate for Torbjorn. However, the developers will drop his Armor Pack move in favor of the new skill, which means players can no longer collect scrap metal around the map to make them.

This is similar to how Blizzard dropped old skills in favor of new ones like Hanzo's scatter arrow and Symmetra's shield energy in order for players to create new strategies for their favorite character.

Torbjorn's second ability will be a new Ultimate move. While it retains its original name of Molten Core, it will function differently as Torbjorn will toss out liquid magma, creating pools on the ground that damage enemies in that area, as well as adding more damage to armored opponents.

In addition, players can now build Torbjorn's turrets anywhere within the map, similar to how they set up Symmetra's turrets.

They can also build them up into their level 2 form to save the hassle of upgrading them in the middle of the battlefield.

Kaplan also announced their plans of reworking other characters like Orisa, Soldier:76, McCree, and Pharah on January 29, 2019.

Colorblind option settings

According to Comic, Blizzard Entertainment announced new option settings for players who are suffering from colorblindness.

The changes include customizations on the HUD, nameplates, and health bars. Players can also choose a variety of colorblind-friendly outlines and they can colorize both allies and enemies online.

The options can be found under Options then Video, and they must select Color Blind Options. All the changes they make will be saved and they will reflect during gameplay sessions.