The latest updates for "Devil May Cry 5" reveal the return of "DMC's" main hero, Dante, in the latest gameplay trailer. Capcom streamed the video at this year's Tokyo Game Show event along with familiar faces, a new playable character, and loads of pre-order stuff.

Aside from Dante, the Japanese video game publisher also streamed another trailer featuring a crossover between the sequel and "Mega Man 11." The game takes place several years after "DMC4" as Nero, Dante, and the rest of the crew travel to Red Grave City to stop a demonic invasion. Nero also hunts down the person responsible for ripping off his Devil Bringer arm.

Dante returns at TGS 2018 trailer

According to Polygon, Dante's move set in "Devil May Cry 5" is basically the same as the previous titles as he is equipped with his signature weapons: The Rebellion sword, Ebony and Ivory handguns, and the show-off shotgun. Dante also has two new weapons at his disposal. First is a variation of the Ifrit and Gilgamesh devil arms to utilize his close-combat skills, and the Cavaliere, a motorcycle that can transform into two chainsaw-like swords for brutal damages. He can also transform into his Devil Trigger form to unleash hell against hordes of demons and powerful bosses.

Dante is also accompanied by his fellow demon hunters Trish and Lady and reunites with Nero at Red Grave City.

He also meets Neil Goldstein's granddaughter, Nico, and she is a fan of him. The trailer ends with the introduction of the new playable character, V, and he is also the one hired Dante to go the city.

V is the game has the ability to cast magic spells and summon demons out the enemy's stomach. The demon hunters will fight a powerful demon lord named Urizen and he proves too powerful to fight alone.

Urizen is also responsible for taking out Nero and chopping off his arm to get Yamato.

DMC5 and Mega Man 11 crossover

According to Kotaku, Capcom released a second trailer revealing their crossover plans for "DMC5" and "Mega Man 11." Players who pre-order the sequel will have the Mega Buster arm as it allows Nero to blast enemies similar to Mega Man and charge it up for increased damage.

The trailer also revealed that players can change the game's camera into a 2D platform similar to the "Mega Man" games. Capcom also revealed other pre-order in-game items such as three Devil Breaker arms, live-action cutscenes, alternative Style announcers and Title Calls, battle music soundtracks, and the Cavaliere type-R.

"Devil May Cry 5" will launch on March 8, 2019, for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.