The latest updates for "Cyberpunk 2077" reveal the possible release date for the sci-fi RPG title. Turkish publisher Bilkom tweeted that the game will launch next year for the consoles and the PC.

CD Projekt RED also addressed the political views of the game's world and it will not feature a virtual reality mechanic. "Cyberpunk 2077" is set in a dystopian world of Night City, as players assume the role of V, a cyborg mercenary who struggles to survive the shifty and dangerous reality of the city. The game made its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and its official gameplay was showcased at Gamescom.

'Cyberpunk 2077' release date leaked

According to Game Rant, Bilkom tweeted that "Cyberpunk 2077" is slated to launch in 2019 for all gaming platforms. Bilkom was the one responsible for launching "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" in Turkey and has also collaborated with other big-name companies such as Apple and Warner Bros.

While the tweet was eventually deleted, many video game fans are skeptical about the claim and CD Projekt RED has not yet made a statement regarding the 2019 launch date. Game developer Mike Pondsmith stated at E3 2018 that the players will have to wait for a few more years, implying that the sci-fi title is far from finished, despite its already impressive gameplay and design.

Political views and no VR feature

CD Projekt RED quest designer Patrick Mills told EDGE Magazine (via Gameranx) that "Cyberpunk 2077" will have its own political views in the storyline similar to "The Witcher" games. “So when you’ve got other studios saying, ‘Oh, no no no, there’s nothing political here’, we say, ‘Yeah, there is,’" Mills said.

"It’s not necessarily what you’re expecting, and we’re not going to talk about exactly what we’re going to say- it’s for you to decide when you play it."

Mills added that the political views of the game's world will reflect on today's modern society and it is not all about cool hairstyles and guns. The polish publisher also announced on Twitter that they will not add VR features in the game.

It was previously reported that the game's side quests will be treated as a separate storyline when players are engaged further into the conflict. Mills added that every choice the players made in the event is unprecedented and there are various consequences will affect the overall narrative of the main story and side quests. The game will have two categories of weapons: Regular and Smart Guns. The Smart Guns can be upgraded by using technology from Black Market brokers in other to utilize its killing potential.