Assassins Creed is one of the epic video game franchises around and it all centered around an intriguing storyline that took players back to different time periods with great combat and ultimate freedom. In every game, there is a lot that can be done by exploring the different worlds and completing side missions along with the main storyline. The series additionally brought a special mix of action and stealth to fans.

There has been a lot of news in the video game sphere with the announcement of a new white Xbox One X arriving in the middle of November with a copy of "Fallout 76." Although Microsoft has been making some noise in the gaming world, Nintendo has made some as well with the announcement of a comic book reading app that will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in November as well.

Release date

According to an article by Game Spot, the game will be available to players for the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 in March of 2019. The game originally arrived in 2012 and is set to return to modern day consoles. It concludes the saga of the character from the very first game in Desmond Miles and the start of a character named Kenway. It takes players right into the American Revolution with snowy landscapes and brutal stealth/action.

The game can be bought alone, but it will also be included for gamers who purchase the season pass for the upcoming entry in the series "Assassins Creed Odyssey." It seems that Ubisoft is trying to please fans of the series with a return to a classic and allowing players to get the game who purchase the upcoming installment in the franchise.

According to an article by Game Rant, Ubisoft announced that the remastered game will have "improved gameplay mechanics," "ergonomics," and will contain all its "DLCs."

Odyssey season pass content

Along with players getting "Assassins Creed 3 Remastered" with the purchase of the season pass, it will contain two storylines with one being set in Atlantis and the other DLC being centered around the "first hero to wield the iconic hidden blade." The season pass will cost gamers $40.

It is surely smart of the brand to include "Assassins Creed 3 Remastered" with the season pass for more of an incentive to buy the pass. It will also obviously allow players to bask in the past with a classic game like that, even though it is not the best game in the series from those years.

The upcoming game in the series, "Assassins Creed Odyssey" is set to arrive October 5 of this year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will take players back to ancient Greece, which will be very cool and interesting with all the history attached to that specific time period.