The latest updates from "Dragon Ball FighterZ" reveal a fan-favorite character joining the games growing roster. Bandai Namco Entertainment announced at the EVO 2018 that Frieza's older brother, Cooler, will be next DLC character in the game as he brings brute strength and ruthlessness against Son Goku and his friends in the battlefield.

The Japanese video game publisher also announced that the beta test for game's Nintendo Switch version would happen this week. Video game fans will have access to all characters, stages, and game modes from the PlayStation and Xbox One consoles, and PC platform.

Cooler enters 'Dragon Ball FighterZ'

According to Polygon, Bandai Namco Entertainment streamed a new trailer for "Dragon Ball FighterZ" at EVO 2018, and it featured the first encounter of Son Goku and Vegeta during the "Saiyan Saga" storyline. Both characters will be added in the game's roster on August 8.

The next clip of the trailer revealed Cooler's official debut in the game. Cooler made his appearance in the OVA film, "Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge" as he invades earth to search for Son Goku and takes his revenge on him for defeating Frieza. Just like in the movie, Cooler will transform in his final form to fight the players, and his attacks consist of heavy brute force and powerful ki blasts.

Cooler's finishing move is called "Super Nova" as he dashes his opponents with a series of heavy barrage attacks and ends it with a large energy ball that could destroy a whole planet. While Bandai Namco did not reveal Cooler's release date, anime and video game fans will see him within the year after the developers launch base form Goku and Vegeta in the game.

The DLC characters that were released so far are Broly, Bardock, Vegito, and Fused Zamasu. There is also a planned season 2 DLC characters, and it will include Master Roshi, Zarbon, Tapion, Gogeta, Raditz, Cabba, Kale with Caulifa, and Videl with Great Saiyanman.

Nintendo Switch version beta test

According to GameSpot, the beta test of "Dragon Ball FighterZ" for the Nintendo Switch is scheduled on August 9 at 9 PM PT until August 11 11:59 PM PT.

The beta will contain 23 playable characters and game modes such as Practice Battle Tutorial, Arena Match, Ring Match, and Ring Party Match. Bandai Namco will launch the Switch version on September 28, and it will contain additional game modes not found in the console and PC versions like an offline Party Match mode, 1v1, and 2v2 matches.