Game developer Studio Wildcard has been devising ways to combat cheating in their dino survival title of “ARK: Survival Evolved.” However, there are still some players out there who still manage to cheat their way in winning the game just like what happened when a group of Chinese players invaded a cluster. This is in addition to a released image hinting at corrupted dinos in ARK: "Extinction."

An “ARK” player, who goes by the moniker Danne, recently took to his YouTube channel to show what he and other players have experienced while playing against a gang of Chinese Survivors in the game.

Danne Claims their opponents may have used some cheats to raid them. Per the player, the so-called CrossArk cluster that he usually plays on has been raided by an estimated 25-40 Chinese players. He stated that he went over to help his fellow players to ward off their invaders and eventually took them down.

Suspicious aim

However, the problem didn’t stop there. The player stated that the hackers returned to their cluster, adding that the Chinese players came back “with just as good of a base the last time.” Danne and his fellow players also began noticing that some of their opponents have a “suspicious good aim.”

The player stated that these cheaters are hitting clean headshots from above as they are riding either a Griffin or a Pteranodon.

Danne also claims that a few of the players were instantly killed, at the same time, by a Griffin-riding sniper. He even recounted the time when his group nearly defeated that group. However, it didn't go favorably, as Danne’s teammates got eliminated by headshots, once again. He also claims that there were instances where there are already, what he calls, bullet marks, straight to their heads, and even on the metal walls, whenever they spawn in the FOB.

The enemy base

The video that he posted on his YouTube channel shows that he attempted scouting the base of these hackers. He snooped the base several times and got the same result. These Chinese players just went straight at him, adding that he was not even trying to hide. It can also be seen in the video that he even scouted it during night time and hid at the side of a mountain only, to be wrecked by a Ptera.

Danne already filed an incident report about it, using the new code of conduct reporting system, and even posted the reference number (Incident#6285) alongside the video. He’s also asking fellow Survivors to help him get this issue to Enforcement to be taken care of.