Last month, game developer Studio Wildcard made a couple of huge announcements as they revealed that their dino-themed survival game that is "ARK: Survival Evolved," is heading to both mobile and Nintendo Switch. The developer also rolled out a new installment of their Community Crunch blog post as they made another announcement regarding their new Code Of Conduct and incident reports.

'ARK's' new CoC

According to Wildcard, the new CoC is still subject to change, though they assured their player base that such changes will be communicated clearly to them.

The blog further explained that failure to abide by these new rules could result in the removal of structures and items, or even a complete ban of the account depending on the severity of the offense. Wildcard has categorized the offenses as low, medium, and high severity as it is further detailed in the tweet below.

The new incident reporting system

As mentioned, the game maker also showcased their new reporting system. However, the feature is still in its beta phase, not to mention that it is only available to PC players at the moment. The new reporting system is located on "ARK" website's Support tab by clicking the "Report PC Abuse" button.

A screenshot of the reporting page was also posted as it will be asking players to fill in the necessary information regarding the in-game incident. Wildcard pointed out though that those players should provide supporting evidence as this will help the devs' game moderators collect proof and take the necessary steps more quickly.

Console transfers and TLC 2 next week

The blog post also mentioned the upcoming console patch for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox as they stated that they are now targeting a rollout date during the week of April 23. The update will allow console players to:

  • do item transfers and the vanilla version of the aberrant creatures to be transferred to Aberration servers
  • prevent other players from building within the Ragnarok Puzzle cave

The developer even gave a heads up to players who have items on that part of the game to relocate those before the update goes live.

Otherwise, they will be barred from doing so.

Wildcard also made it clear that the Turret Update will not be included in the inbound patch. Instead, it will be released in future updates.

For the latest news about "ARK: Survival Evolved," visit the game's official website. Check out a video about the game here: