Epic Games has been prepping up for “Fortnite’s” anniversary as was very much evident in some previously leaked game files. The game is also set to be released in China through a company known as WeGame. That said, U.S. fans are now discovering that the Chinese folks will be getting a lot of free stuff for the game from the time the third-person shooter goes live in that country.

Several data miners brought this to light as they stumbled upon promotional posts about “Fortnite’s” release in China. As mentioned, it seems that the Chinese version of the game (through the help of WeGame) will be rolling out free stuff to their players.

FortniteLeaks (@Fortnitee_Leaks) was one of the data miners who recently took to Twitter to reveal the discovery. A couple of his tweets – which he claims to have come from “FortniteChina’s official page – may well seem to suggest that Chinese players will be getting 950 V-Bucks for free for them to buy the game’s Battle Pass this July 24. The data miner also claims that these players will be getting daily rewards from the game as soon as it goes live.

‘Fortnite’ BR map with stats

Another surprising discovery was the game’s battle royale map. Unlike “Fortnite” in the U.S., this version of the map will tell its players the specific location of treasure chests, places where they can harvest materials, and areas where players land frequently.

The map is currently posted on QQ’s website and @Fortnitee_Leaks claims that it also gives out information about all the weapon and item stats, including their upcoming Battle Pass.

Tweaked outfits/skins

The data miner also took notice of “Fortnite” China’s promotional poster.

From the looks of it, this version of the game will have a different astronaut outfit (Mission Specialist skin). Sudanym (@sud4nym), on the other hand, pointed out that one of the skins in the image in question shows another outfit that has not been seen in the U.S. version. He speculated that this could be season 5’s mystery skin, though it doesn’t seem to look like it.

He also came across with another promo teaser while doing more research about the game. The image is pretty much similar to the first one with some of the characters skydiving towards the map.

However, it looks like Chinese fans of the game might be getting a blue variant of the Burnout outfit if the teaser is anything to go by. “Fortnite” will be officially released in China tomorrow, July 24.