After Hideo Kojima parted ways with Japanese gaming conglomerate Konami in 2015, the celebrated creator of the "Metal Gear" video game series announced his next project, "Death Stranding" at E3 2016. Since its announcement, fans have been trying to figure out what exactly it's about.

The sci-fi game stars Norman Reedus

The weirdness of "Death Stranding" began with the teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement at E3 2016. The clip featured "Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus on a beach, nude and holding a baby. His c-section scar, dead marine animals, and floating figures in the sky were just a few of many odd elements included in the clip.

Audiences were understandably confused and instantly became hungry for more information about the mysterious project.

However, as more information has been released, the more confusing the game has become. Subsequent trailers showed more strange imagery. We've seen Reedus’ character, named Sam, in a variety of dire and strange situations. He's part of a crew of corpse collectors that have to use stealth to avoid invisible and deadly monsters. There's a creepy looking, thumbs-up-giving baby living in his throat. "Hannibal" actor Mads Mikkelsen and Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro are playing characters in the game too.

Sony finally revealed gameplay footage at E3 2018

At this year's E3 conference, Hideo Kojima's new Kojima Productions studio and Sony finally graced fans with gameplay footage and dialogue that gives us more material from "Death Stranding" to ponder over.

This newest trailer opens with the aforementioned baby in Norman Reedus's throat giggling and rolling around. According to the following in-game footage, you play as Sam, trekking alone across harsh environments. Sam carries backpacks and corpses while navigating bodies of water, mountains, fields, and ruined areas. Apparently, his goal is to deliver something.

He avoids the rain that causes time to speed up, and invisible monsters that suck people into puddles of black goo. As seen in previous trailers, he holds his breath and covers his mouth to avoid detection by them. A report by Kotaku agrees that things just keep getting stranger for this game.

The trailer adds "Isle of Dogs" actress Léa Seydoux and actress Lindsay Wagner of "The Bionic Woman" as cast members of the game.

Seydoux's character advises Sam to eat a bug to protect himself from whatever force is threatening them, before devouring a grubby worm herself. Take from all of that what you will.

"Death Stranding" does not have a release date yet, and is set to be released exclusively for the Sony PlayStation console.