The latest updates for the "Resident Evil 2" remake reveals a possible game announcement at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event. An anonymous source tipped horror game website, Rely on Horror, that the game will be showcased at the event, based on Capcom's "targeted release timeframe." The game will also feature new software, character designs, and optimizations.

The Japanese video game publisher announced that they are developing two new titles for a 2019 release as they plan to outdo their accomplishments from "Monster Hunter: World," "Resident Evil 7," "Marvel v.

Capcom: Infinite," and "Street Fighter 5."

New E3 2018 details leaked

According to Rely on Horror, Capcom will likely showcase the "Resident Evil 2" remake at E3 2018 complete with a new game engine, character designs, and more. While video game fans are skeptical about the unnamed source's information, they are also curious about what the remake will look like due to past rumors and speculations.

The remake is said to run on an updated version of the RE game engine with a modified lighting and shadow system. It seems that Capcom's goal is to get the game running at 1080p and 30fps for the standard PlayStation 4 console, while they want 4K with 60 fps on the PS4 Pro.

The rumors go on to say that the developers will use photogrammetry scanning from "RE7" to scan and make Raccoon City as realistic as possible.

This technology may also be used for the character designs of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, making them look different, but retaining their original concept.

Gameplay style changed?

Rely on Horror revealed that "Resident Evil 2" remake will have the over-the-shoulder camera view instead of the fixed-camera perspective from the original, something the fans are hoping to see.

Furthermore, there are also two campaign scenarios for both Leon and Claire, and it will have a much longer gameplay time than the original title.

The website added that Capcom had help from outside contractors for the game, who previously worked on "RE2" and "RE4." Video game fans are hoping to revive the same feeling they had when they played the game with the use of new technology.

The remake's story will feature Leon and Claire trying to escape the zombie-infested Raccoon City during the T-Virus outbreak. They will also have to deal with Umbrella's dark agenda as Doctor Birkin infused himself with a new virus and turns into a horrific monster.