Capcom has streamed new gameplay footage for the "Resident Evil 2" remake with a stunning 4K resolution, showing a fully modernized and smoother version of the hit 1998 video game classic. The Japanese publisher announced the remake at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event and gave video game fans a chance to test it at their booth. The game follows the same story as the original PlayStation 1 version as players re-enter Raccoon City at the fall of a zombie apocalypse courtesy of the T-Virus from Umbrella Corporation.

Players will assume the roles of rookie cop Leon S.

Kennedy and outsider Claire Redfield, as they search the streets of Raccoon City while fighting off zombies and bioweapons along the way.

New 4K footage for 'Resident Evil 2'

According to Game Rant, Capcom uploaded their version of the "Resident Evil 2" remake on the official "Resident Evil" YouTube channel. Viewers who saw the E3 2018 video witness Leon exploring the seemingly abandoned RPD headquarters and fighting zombies in the hallway. The presentation itself is proof enough that the game developers are working long, hard hours to make it cool and innovative while retaining the classic vibe of the original PS1 game.

Capcom's brand manager, Mike Lunn, announced at E3 2018 that the game will feature two modes for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

The first one is purely visual and it is 30fps, while the other will be pushing at 4K resolution.

Game producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi told Game Informer, in a previous interview, that there are changes in both Leon and Claire's campaign story, by taking out the Zapping system due to it being "tedious" for new players who have not been introduced to the original game.

However, this does not mean that Leon and Claire's interactions are limited in the remake, as they will spend time together in Raccoon City while going about their own missions. Capcom will also add Hunk and Tofu as playable characters. They will also bring back classic boss fights such as the mutant alligator and Mr. X.

No 'RE2' remake for the Nintendo Switch

Capcom has confirmed that "Resident Evil 2" remake will not be ported to the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, as Lunn told Gaming Bolt that they wanted to focus on putting the game in the consoles and PC platform. This will not be a huge surprise for Nintendo Switch users, given that the technology used in making the remake might not handle its hardware. Perhaps they will try different experiments in order to make "RE2" work properly on the Switch. For now, video game fans will have to wait for the game to come out on January 25, 2019.