Studio Wildcard has recently rolled out a huge "ARK: Survival Evolved" update for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as it ushered in TLC 2 for both consoles. The game maker has something cooked up again for its player base as its latest installment of the Community Crunch blog post announced a new type of an upcoming server.

Specialty Servers announced

Per the blog post, Wildcard will soon be rolling out a new type of server known as Specialty Servers. The developer further explained that these yet to be released servers are alternate game modes for the dino survival game, there's a catch to it.

These have short life spans.

By the time these servers go live, each will be introducing a new theme alongside some challenges that will differ from the servers that are available as of late. Nonetheless, as above-mentioned, these will be wiped clean and change their themes for a determined period of time.

As of late, Wildcard is asking its community to pitch in their suggestions about themes and challenges they could think of provided that the changes will fit in the bag with the edits that can be done using their current configuration. Types of alteration may include:

  • Server rates
  • Tribe size
  • Alliance size or
  • Anything connected to dinosaur stats and taming

Wildcard even rolled out some samples:

  • Limited Tribe Members/No Alliances
  • Solo/No Tribes
  • Mammals Only
  • No Carnivores
  • Small Dinos Only

"ARK" faithfuls responded as they chipped in their suggestions about what themed servers they would want to see in the game.

Some even pitched in to bring back Survival of the Fittest which is a decommissioned multiplayer survival arena (MOSA) spinoff of the game since the battle royale hype is still hot. There are some, however, who are not into this type of servers.

Fresh Servers

Meanwhile, Wildcard also announced that they will be releasing a new set of servers for their PC players.

These so-called Fresh Servers will have a disabled downloads feature, though their uploads are enabled for 60 days. After the said time frame, transfers will be opened, but they'll no longer be deemed as fresh. These servers will be launched on May 1 at around 10 AM PST. For the complete roster of these servers click "ARK's" recent tweet here:

The developer also made it known that "ARK's" next Evolution Event will go live on Friday, May 11 at 1 PM EST and will run until Monday, May 14 at 3 PM EST.

Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: