With 22 years and 122 known games, it is unsurprising that Nintendo's most popular series draws in some strange theories. When you think about it, though, it is understandable to have plenty of strange theories when the games and shows themselves are strange. Taking animals from their natural habitats, shoving them into small balls, then fighting them to the death, and then putting them back into the tiny, cramped, ball with no air ventilation. No wonder some Pokemon do not like being in their Pokeball. Who would enjoy that type of life? So with a strange game and show such as Pokemon, no wonder there is even stranger theories.

Humans and Pokemon

It is unquestionable that humans dominate over the pocket monsters. The creatures just follow what their masters orders as a fighter, beauty contestant, or as a breeding machine. The creatures are shown to be able to communicate with each other just as humans do. Well, there are two theories that follow the relationship between humans and Pokemon. One theory states humans were not originally part of the pocket monster world and had either took over the regions Pokemon resided in, or they took over the world in general. The second theory is humans are Pokemon that do not evolve and dominated because they could build and invent Pokeballs.

Language connection

Is it strange that Pokemon speak their names?

Did they hear someone call them these names and just pick up the names? Did they speak their names before and people just called them the names they spoke? This theory supports the latter option. In fact, this theory says Pokemon directly influenced human language. Pokemon do not speak their names, they just make sounds that resembled speaking.

These sounds are like a cat's meow or a mouse's squeak. Humans heard these pocket monster punny names and figured out what to call certain things.

Pokemon death

When playing the Pokemon games or watching the shows, we do not think about Pokemon really dying, just fainting so we can revive them and fight with them once more. Thankfully, Pokemon faint instead of dying, right?

Well, where did ghost Pokemon come from? In real life, ghosts are seen as spirits with unfinished business, if that the same for the Pokemon universe? According to Yamask's Pokedex entry, the Pokemon is a dead human who remembers its last life, and its mask is the Pokemon's human face. Duskull kidnaps bad children and Lampent steals souls and waits for people to die to take those souls as well. Who knew Pokemon could be so creepy.