The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game reveal a new collector's box of the game exclusively at GameStop. The collector's edition will feature new Spidey related items that both video game and Marvel comic fans will enjoy once they purchase it at the retailer store.

There are also new details on how to unlock the pre-order Spider-Man costumes in the game without having to buy it early as Sony and Insomniac Games explain the process about how players can get them. The new "Spider-Man" title will feature Peter Parker as he struggles to balance having a normal life and protecting New York as the resident vigilante.

New 'Spidey' goodies at GameStop

According to GameStop, the new collector's box will feature seven different Spider-Man related items from home goods, wearables, accessories, and more. The collector's box is valued at $100 but it is sold at $50. The items in the box include a backpack, notebook, an insulated travel mug, enamel pin, a beanie, and two mystery items. It was previously reported that a Reddit user discovered a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle pack of the game with a red and black design for the console and controller with a large white spider logo.

While Sony and Insomniac Games have yet to make a statement regarding the leaked PS4 Pro bundle, many players are cautious to buy it due to its legitimacy and lack of important details.

Some would even say that it might not be a PS4 Pro console due to its writing advertisement and it could be just a typo like the "Resident Evil: Revelations" cover. Players who pre-ordered the game will have three pre-order DLC costumes, a Spider-Drone, and an unlockable game mission.

How to unlock pre-order suits in the game?

Sony and Insomniac Games revealed that players can unlock the three pre-order suits in "Spider-Man" without having to buy an early copy. The publishers stated that they can unlock them throughout the game's story but players will likely have to grind their way to unlock them. The three pre-order suits are the Spider-Punk, the Iron Spider from "Avengers: Infinity War," and a third outfit to be announced on July.

There are already two leaked costumes during the GameInformer interview which are the Spider-Man Noir and the classic suit.

The "Spider-Man" game will feature players taking the role of the web-slinger as he fights crime and saves New York from everyday danger. Peter will meet a new foe in the form of Martin Li (a.k.a. Mister Negative) as he tries to take over the criminal underworld.