The latest updates for "Monster Hunter World" reveal a new high rank armor for "Street Fighter" main hero, Ryu, in the game. Video game fans are given the opportunity to search for a powerful version of Ryu's garbs in the game, and it comes with a heavy and exciting challenge for them in the game.

Coalition Studio head Rod Fergusson tweeted a photo of "Gears of War" monster Brumak and expressed his desire to see him in "Monster Hunter World." Capcom already had two collaborations for the sequel from "Street Fighter" and "Devil May Cry," but having a game crossover from another studio could make it more interesting for the fans of both game titles.

'Monster Hunter' and 'Gears of War' crossover?

Rod Fergusson wants to see Brumak in "Monster Hunter World" as a possible DLC monster for players to hunt down and fight. The latter added that it does not matter whether Brumak will have his own weapons or take them out as long as Capcom allows him in the game.

While "Gears of War" and "Monster Hunter" fans alike want to see a crossover happen, unfortunately, the chances of that happening a very slim as the sequel's developers Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda told IGN in a previous interview that they are not considering adding monsters from other video game titles.

They felt that including them would not fit into the mythos of the popular RPG sequel.

The developers also added that the creatures that they created are what made the RPG series very "unique" and entertaining. For now, Capcom is still planning to release new monsters as part of its post-launch plans and they already added Deviljho and Kulve Taroth in the game via updates.

A new Ryu armor

Capcom announced that players will be getting their hands on a new high rank Ryu armor in the sequel. Both Ryu and Sakura are added to the game as part of a collaboration between the two Capcom franchises, and players are expected to prepare themselves to get that new outfit. Previously, Ryu's equipment could be obtained by doing the "Down the Dark, Muddy Path" mission which is available from the Arena Lass in the Gathering Hub.

However, the outfit's stats were very low and players felt that it would not handle high ranking hunts in the game.

Now that the Japanese publisher is giving another round for the Ryu armor, fans will try their best to complete the set and use it against powerful monsters in dangerous hunts. The players will have work hard to earn "SFV Tokens" to do the Ryu quest.