The latest updates for "Monster Hunter: World" reveal the details of the next crossover DLC and a fan-favorite monster added to the game. Capcom launched a new gameplay trailer for the sequel featuring a collaboration of the company's popular action video game franchise, "Devil May Cry" as video game fans will have a chance to play as the overconfident demon slayer, Dante.

This will be "Monster Hunter: World's" second crossover DLC with another video game title as Capcom previously added Ryu and Sakura from the "Street Fighter" franchise and Aloy's loot from "Horizon Dawn." The Japanese game publisher will also add the Deviljho monster in the game's event quest next week.

'DMC' collaboration

The new "Devil May Cry" DLC will feature the player's avatar wearing Dante's outfit from the first title complete with his twin pistols, Ebony and Ivory, the Force Edge, and the Alastor. Capcom came up with the idea of having "Monster Hunter: World" collaborate with "DMC" in preparation for the upcoming HD Collection on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

The Force Edge and Alastor swords will be categories in the "Charge Blades" section and players will no longer need a shield to equip these weapons. Capcom noted that Force Edge will transform itself into a giant Alastor instead of a giant Axe for an added damage boost. Players can also use Dante's signature guns as long-range weapons, but it is unknown if the developers will allow them to use other weapons in the series such as Devil Arms in the game.

Equipping Dante will also allow players to adapt to his fighting style as they use the Gunslinger and Swordmaster. Unfortunately, Capcom has not yet announced an official Release Date for the "DMC" DLC, but the Japanese publisher assured video game fans that they will share updates for the content soon.

The Deviljho coming next week

Capcom announced that they will add the Deviljho monster in "Monster Hunter: World" next week via special in-game event and the publisher offered little information about it. However, video game fans speculated that the monster will be added on March 22, which is the sequel's reset day.

In the past "Monster Hunter" titles, the Deviljho is notorious for interrupting casual quests and it can be a very dangerous enemy to players who wished to fight the beast. Fans are also hoping that the Deviljho will also provide new loots, armor, and weapons based on it to increase their character's status.