The latest updates for "Monster Hunter World" include a new "Street Fighter" armor next month and a new monster added as a possible DLC. Capcom announced that players will embark on a new journey to find and complete a new armor set based on "Street Fighter" fan-favorite, Sakura. Similar to Ryu, players with female characters will have the same look as her and they will have to work hard on finding the pieces of it in the game.

There is a prototype gameplay video of the sequel featuring another notorious monster that is cut off from the development called the Lagiacrus and some video game fans speculated that it could be added as a DLC similar to the Deviljho and the Kulve Taroth.

New 'Street Fighter' gear next month

According to Capcom, the "Sakura" armor will be a three-part Challenge Quest titled "Empress in Full Bloom" and it will kick off on May 3 through to May 10. While the Japanese publisher did not elaborate any particular details, the event will take place in the arena and players will have to fight a pink Rathian for the armor set.

Players will also need to have a rank of 12 or much higher to participate in the quest. Once completed, players will have the chance to change their avatar into the beloved "Street Fighter" veteran. The armor must be worn as a complete set with no room for custom items outside of her garb.

While the Hadouken and Shoryuken gestures can be bought online at $3.99 per piece, it is unknown if the Sakura armor set will be the same.

The collaboration of the two games will not be a one-way street as gamers who have "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition" will have the chance to gain access to character costumes from "Monster Hunter World," such as Ken Master as Rathalos, R. Mika as Zinogre, and Ibuki as Kirin.

Is a new DLC monster coming soon?

A prototype gameplay footage for "Monster Hunter World" was showcased at the "Monter Hunter World Championship 2018" event and it featured a popular beast from the series that did not make the cut from the main game, Lagiacrus.

The Lagiacrus was first introduced in "MH3 Ultimate" as a sea wyvern-type monster with the elemental powers of lightning and water. These monsters can be found in areas with water and they rarely appear on land. In the sequel's prototype, the Lagiacrus was spotted in a river grabbing a defenseless Anjanath.

While Capcom did not include this beast in the main game, several players believed that the Lagiacrus will be included as a possible DLC hunt in future updates. There are other monsters that players want to see and fight in the sequel, such as the Plesioth, Nargacuga, Lunastra, and more.