A new month means new deals on video games for PlayStation Plus members, and this round they have two big games for those gamers on a budget. "Beyond: Two Souls," and "Rayman Legends." Both versions are for the PS4 and both are for any sort of tastes the gamer may have. "Beyond: Two Souls" is a story-driven experience starring Ellen Page and her connection with an unknown being, and Rayman Legends, a delightfully interesting platformer with a colorful style for all to enjoy while slaying terrifying beasts.

There are also lesser-known titles that may spark the interests of the gamers enough to give them a go.

After all, they are free.

'Rise 3: Titan Lords' (Available on the PS3)

This is an RPG style game. In a land abandoned by the gods, you set out to make your own way and survive. Group up with allies, and fight your enemies all in the quest to attain your own lost soul.

'Eat Them!' (Available on the PS3)

It is a charming action cartoon game and simple is often better. You're a mad scientist who has a goal to do one thing: Wreck everything. Create your own creatures and watch as they go on a feeding frenzy.

'King Oddball' (Available on the PS3)

This is another cartoonish game that emphasizes demolishing your surroundings. You're a ball that you swing back and forth across your screen, and destroy whatever you can.

'Furmins' (Available on the PS Vita)

This is another cute game where you can take your little furmins on an adventure through solving puzzles. They're also customizable. All 100 levels are made to work your brain.

While some may not have heard of the mentioned games above, "Beyond: Two Souls," would benefit anyone who is interested in the game "Detroit: Become Human".

Check out the title as the developers, Quantic Dream, are the ones who developed both games. It's a good way to know what you're getting into before you take the dive and commit to the newer title.

Rayman Legends is also a solid choice for the gamer looking to get away from the narrative story genre of video games. It's good mindless fun fighting nightmares, all the while working through perilous traps and pitfalls.

It is most certainly a good alternative. The ratings on the market place are very high as well, topping at four and a half stars.

Playstation Plus is a subscription system that allows you through a monthly payment, to gain access to excellent deals on games, and other accessories in the PlayStation shop. You may also go to the PlayStation store.