Without a doubt, many developers have been springing to drop their games, new or old, onto Nintendo's newest system, the Switch. One game, in particular, was a personal favorite of mine, "Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze," originally on the Wii U. Yet a question can't help but linger in the air at the Switch's newest arrival. Will there be anything new to the game that is at all worth wild?

Certainly, the game itself was wonderful with David Wise leading the way with his amazing compositions, turning this simple platformer into an absolute experience to be had.

Each map is given a fresh breath of life into it thanks to this man's musical genius, and that alone you can't shake a finger at.

So what?

Surely with it being put on newer software, it should make that crystal clear quality come through even better, and yet still the sound design isn't anything terribly new to the game. So what is it we have to look forward to as returning players to "Tropical Freeze?"

One thing, and one thing only. The ease of access of Funky Mode. In-game, you can turn this mode on, unlocking another one of DK's relatives, Funky Kong - a man so chill, so cool, so awesome you can't help but want to be him with those wraparound sunglasses, bandana, and standard beach attire of muscle man t-shirt and cut off shorts.

Not to mention that million dollar smile and his incredibly useful surfboard. With ease, Funky makes the lot of enemies that were originally thrown at you seem like nothing.

The platforming even is not diminished with how he can hover in the air, and even be saved by his special ability which is, should you end up missing a landing, you get brought back up by a balloon and get to try again.

And as a cherry on the cake, he also gets two extra hearts for his health.

This is an absolute blast to see, and it does also make the rest of the well thought-out and cleverly done level and enemy design seem almost as if it was a joke, due to you flying by everything with relative ease. This though, can be forgiven because it's an easy mode for those days that just aren't yours and you need that nice confidence booster compliments of Funky Kong.

The wrap-up

With this aside, there's not much else to boast about novelty-wise that will be coming to the game. For those veteran players, it may benefit you thanks to the new system and its own merits, but otherwise, there's not much else to boast over between the Wii U, and the Switch version it seems, aside from better optics. However, new players are highly encouraged to play this game as it will be a brand new adventure for them, and gives them a chance to take in the adventure with a fresh new eye.

"Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze" comes to the Nintendo Switch May 4, 2018.