As a horror fan, both in the film and video game genres, I'm always on the lookout for my next white knuckle delight. Admittedly, there's a great deal more content available, in movie form, to get your heart racing than Video Games, but there's plenty of petrifying moments to be had for gamers as well if they know where to look.

Allow me to share my top five picks for the current generation of video games that are sure to make your hair stand on end, your pulse quicken, and your muscles tense as you scan the dark corners of the room.

Keep in mind that horror is subjective, and what scares one person may bore the next.

Jump scares are great, but I am basing my picks on a wider scope based on what I feel makes a fantastic creepy gaming experience. The titles in my list each lend, in my opinion, something different to the horror genre.

5. 'Dead By Daylight'

The first title on my list certainly isn't the most heart-pounding, but the thrill of dawning the mantle of a classic killer should not be underrated. Stalking your prey through cornfields and misty swamps can be invigorating and strangely addicting.

Conversely, assuming the role of the survivor can be a tense and unnerving experience. More than once, I found myself holding my breath as the tell-tale heartbeat grew louder and more rapid, a sure sign that the killer was closing in on me.

I would have liked to have seen some sort of story mode; the fact that this title is multiplayer only is a bit of a detractor for me, but offered many hours of thrills nonetheless.

4. 'Outlast'

Trapped in an abandoned insane asylum, "Outlast" forces you to sneak, run, and hide your way through the darkness as you desperately attempt to escape with your life.

Often there's some form of homicidal maniac hot on your heels, and the atmosphere is beyond tense.

There's no fighting back in this one. In fact, you're armed only with your hand-held video camera, which is equipped with a night vision setting that is needed to navigate many of the dark corridors and blood-spattered rooms.

3. 'Bloodborne'

I'm a little biased with this one, "Bloodborne" is one of my all time favorites from any genre. The thrills come from the truly creepy, and often unsettling, environments which are packed with all forms of grotesque monstrosities, any of which are fully capable of taking you out with relative ease.

The epic boss battles against nightmare creatures, the darkly lit castles full of watchful eyes, and the fear of being torn to shreds by any creature you come across make "Bloodborne" a wonderful waking nightmare.

2. 'Until Dawn'

"Until Dawn" feels very much like a playable horror movie, complete with well-acted and lifelike characters. You play as a group of friends spending the weekend at a remote cabin in the mountains, switching often between characters as the story progresses.

The atmosphere and feeling of isolation in "Until Dawn" is really quite unnerving. The goal of the game is simply to last until dawn with as many (or as few, depending on your prerogative) members of the group alive as possible. Your decisions will have an enormous effect on who lives and who dies. Overall, I found the story to be fairly well done and appropriately disturbing.

1. 'Resident Evil VII'

The latest iteration of the "Resident Evil" (or "Biohazard," as it's known by in Japan) was, in my opinion, a huge step in the right direction. The game seems far removed from the original classic that debuted in 1996, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The series seemed to have been taking a few wrong turns (I'm looking at you, "Resident Evil VI") and needed a fresh start.

The truly disturbing atmosphere of "Resident Evil VII," and the heart-pounding thrills make for an intense gameplay experience. This one has it all, from jump scares and gore to that slow-building sense of dread. For me, the story unravels a bit late in the game but still comes out to be a modern horror gaming masterpiece.

It doesn't seem right to close without giving an honorable mention to the one that got away, the one that makes us wonder what could have been. Of course, I'm talking about "PT," the teaser that was meant to showcase the once upcoming, but now scrapped "Silent Hills" game. The teaser was a cornucopia of jump scares, disturbing sights, and horrible sounds. I, for one, am very disappointed that we won't be seeing a full-length release.