The latest update for "Kingdom Hearts 3" will feature director Tetsuya Nomura revealing his reason for the sequel's long production cycle. His insight will help gamers and fans of the series understand what he and his team went through in terms of planning, additional staff, and software usage.

Long development cycle

"Kingdom Hearts 3" first made its debut at E3 2013 as Game director Tetsuya Nomura shared his thoughts about the sequel's long development. He told DualShockers that no developer would have the right mind to say that he/she is not confident about its progress when the release date is announced.

Since the start of the project, Nomura and his team knew that it was going to be a long process and the plans for the game indicate the time spent and the possibility of adding more people to the staff. He added that "Kingdom Hearts 3's" announcement and the plans for the production are not necessarily linked together, and there has been speculation that Nomura spent too much time on the game, and is ignoring other planned titles.

After a year of hard work, Square Enix used the Unreal Engine 4 for the sequel to make the graphics more surreal and it impressed the developers and fans. However, adding the software ultimately led to its delay. The Japanese publisher made the ultimate decision to delay the game and Nomura explained that it was not due to development issues or changing his mind at the last second.

Simply put. the timing did not work for them and they had no choice but to make due with what they had since the company made the decision and not Nomura himself.

What we know so far

"Kingdom Hearts 3" already features four Disney worlds from movies such as "Tangled," "Hercules," Big Hero 6," and "Toy Story." Gaming fans are still hoping that "Frozen," "Wreck-it Ralph," "The Jungle Book," and "Monstes Inc." will be added to the sequel.

Square Enix teased that they will have post-launch plans for the third installment by adding more Disney worlds as DLCs, making sure they grant the gaming fans what they want. It is unknown if these worlds are new or if Square Enix will bring back old favorites like "Aladdin," "Alice in Wonderland," and " The Lion King."

Nomura told Game Informer that more Keyblade transformations are coming to the sequel and players can achieve them through the use of chained combos.

There are also new playable characters coming to the game besides Sora, and they will likely have their own separate storyline beyond the main plot.

Square Enix did not rule out "Kingdom Hearts 3" being ported to Nintendo Switch and gamers will just have to wait until next year for the game to launch on the PlayStation 4 console.