Fans of horror video games will be interested to learn this week that Machinima has just announced that they have struck a new deal with Greg Russo, the screenwriter for “Mortal Kombat.” In an article by, they've agreed upon on a somewhat extensive development deal together which is going to consist of a number of different projects. However, word has only broken announcing the first part of the contract between the two, the idea to create a live adaptation of the first-person-shooter series “F.E.A.R.”

‘F.E.A.R.’ is coming to the big screen

“F.E.A.R.” first debuted in 2005 when it was published by Warner Bros.

Interactive Entertainment for Windows operating systems. It then went on to be released for gaming platforms PlayStation 3 and XBOX,360, respectively. Taking on a first-person perspective, the first game followed a character known as ‘the point man’ who is called upon to compromise a force of super soldiers. As the game develops, the protagonist starts to experience hallucinations and begins to lose his grip on reality – spiraling the plot of the game into a supernatural horror experience for the players.

Due to the fact that the game series has become so well-known for its refreshing take on the horror genre and the first-person perspective that it takes on, it’s somewhat an odd pick for a live-action adaptation.

It’s been seven years since the last "F.E.A.R." game was released, so the call for the revival and progression of the franchise is indeed somewhat out of the blue. We don’t yet know how closely the live-adaption will follow the plot and the concept of the original video game, but Russo – who worked as the screenwriter for “Mortal Kombat” – has revealed that he’s extremely excited to get the chance to work on the project.

Greg Russo and Machinima have further forthcoming projects

Whilst Machinima Studios have confirmed that the pair is working on the live-action adaptation of the game series, Greg Russo has also alluded that they have future projects in the stages of development together as well. This hasn’t been confirmed or expanded on further, but it’s a fairly good assumption that this live-action adaptation isn’t the only upcoming production that we’ll see from the two.

In the past, Machinima has also produced a number of web series based on fan-loved gaming franchises such as Bungie’s “Halo,” which is a good indication that, whatever they’ve got planned, we can assume it’s got something to do with yet another game to film adaptation.

After confirming the news of the pair working together, the general manager of Machinima Studios Russel Arons stated that Russo is a screenwriter who loves gaming and he's pleased that they have the opportunity to expand more action-packed Video Games together.

Even though we don’t know the details or the ideas for the development of a storyline for the adaptation, fans of the franchise are undoubtedly going to be excited to see this further revival after so many years of waiting. Machinima Studios paired with Greg Russo is quite the dynamic and we’re looking forward to seeing what they have planned in store for us.