"Dragon’s Crown Pro" features a lot of changes, but the majority of gamers agree that "Dragon’s Crown Pro" on PlayStation 4 is exactly the old game with just a better look and feel. Reports by PlayStation Lifestyle contributed most of the information used in this article. As the site puts it, the new version of the classic games is just shinier and prettier than the original.

What's new

There isn't anything new to "Dragon’s Crown Pro," other than a better look and feel. With an increase in resolution, the overall gameplay has improved. That is if you're happening to be playing on a PlayStation 4.

The increase in graphics has mostly made the multiplayer a walk in the park. The older version made it difficult to keep track of what's happening when playing multiplayer. The low resolution made every battle look like one big cluster of pixels. Aside from a big visual upgrade, even the characters and stages remained the same. Even to the player's disappointment, the soundtrack is the exact one from the 2013 game.


Just as 2013's version, the latest "Dragon’s Crown Pro" is also the same dungeon-crawling, button-smashing, and loot-hunting game that everyone used to play for hours on end. When the news of a new "Dragon’s Crown" hit the gaming community, everyone was expecting new stages and a ton of new characters and classes to choose from.

To our disappointment, the entire gameplay stayed the exact same. A given fact is that for those who haven't played the 2013's "Dragon’s Crown" will love and appreciate the 2018's "Dragon’s Crown Pro" way more. Luckily, just as any other RPG has side quests, so does this one. But as expected. even the side quests remain unchanged.

Did I mention, that if you only play the game for the perks and trophies then maybe you should drop your expectations once you enter this fantasy world with a newer look, and guess why? Because the trophy and perks are also the exact same ones from the older game.

What did, however, help the game in sales terms is the option they've added that allows players to upload saved files from the 2013 version.

Cross-play has also been made possible. Now PS3, PS4, and PS4 Pro players can all play together. Players can also now use the revolutionizing DualShock 4’s touch pad. This makes it possible for players to experience that same feeling they've experienced in the Vita version. With the revamped "Dragon’s Crown" 2018, it is looking like the ideal year to be an RPG lover. Add "Dragon’s Crown Pro" to your list of entertainment for 2018 and see for yourself whether the new version is an entirely new game or simply the exact older version with a facelift.