The latest rumors for the "Final Fantasy 7" remake reveal the possible release date of the game. Someone from the Resetera forum website claimed that he/she recorded a closed discussion of developers Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase, and Naoki Hamaguchi regarding their work for the "Final Fantasy's" 30th Anniversary Exhibition. The conversation supposedly to led to a planned release date for the remake next year in the PlayStation 4 console. However, it cannot be verified.

The three developers also allegedly discussed the status of the game and will tease new gameplay footage soon.

The "FF7" remake was officially announced on E3 2015 and surprised video game fans with gameplay at the PlayStation Experience event of the same year.

A release date window next year?

According to the Resetera post (via Gamerant), Nomura, Kitase, and Hamaguchi are planning to launch "Final Fantasy 7" remake next year as part of the RPG series' 30th Anniversary celebration. Both Kitase and Hamaguchi wanted the game to be released on the 35th Anniversary, but Hamaguchi felt "that's a way long off" and they will most likely have an earlier release date for the game.

Based on the assumption, video game and RPG fans speculated that Square Enix will launch the "FF7" remake next year. Square Enix will be hosting a conference at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo as they discussed their plans for upcoming titles such as "Shadow of Tomb Raider," "Kingdom Hearts 3," "The Avengers," and "Final Fantasy XV."

There is likely a chance that the Japanese publisher will bring out topics about "FF7" remake during the conference so that fans are not left in the dark about its progress this year and the next.

New game footage coming soon

Nomura, Kitase, and Hamaguchi commented on the progress of the remake's development this year during the 30th Anniversary panel. They stated that the team is currently working on its base technology, which is likely the primary gameplay from the original.

The three developers also commented on the lack of new gameplay footage and information about the remake, as they apologize.

But Kitase teased fans about new footage coming soon in a major event this year. This could mean that fans will see something good from their work and they expect it will showcase at the E3 2018.

Nomura also commented on the new Cloud Strife design for the remake and stated that he is much younger than he looked in the "Advent Children" animated film.

The game will feature an action-based combat similar to "FFXV" rather than the turned-based system from the original. Players can switch Cloud to different characters such as Barret Wallace to adopt different fighting styles.