Warhammer” is Fantasy Game genre that consists of board games and video games. It might even be a new name to some gamers. The concept of the game has been done before but not like “Vermantide 2” does it.

“Warhammer: Vermantide 2” is a fantasy game that plays a lot like the "Left For Dead" games. “Warhammer: Endtimes vermantide” was the first game in the series and it was a lot of Fun. It had challenging gameplay and a good end game. However, the new game, “Vermantide 2” even become popular on Steam. The gameplay is challenging and fun. The loot system even has a good grind aspect to it.

'Vermatinde 2' is new and unusual

Gameplay in “Vermatinde 2” is new and unusual. There are five characters to choose from. A wood elf way watcher, a human soldier, a human witch hunter, a dwarf ranger, and a human bright wizard. Each character has their own unique abilities, these abilities are good for different things. The solider is a good tank, the elf, wizard, and witch hunter, make for a great damage dealer, and the dwarf can tank or deal damage.

The general idea of the game is to complete tasks and escape the map where the tasks are completed. Along the way, characters will fight small unarmored units, special units that have a range of abilities, and big bosses that are even given a health bar.

Players can strike down their foes by wielding a sword, shouldering a blunderbuss, casting fireballs with a staff, and even knocking some arrows in a bow and letting them fly.

It only costs $30

Gameplay is fun and new. As players run through the level they must be careful to keep up their block and be ready to dodge. Players must learn the timing of strikes and know when to attack or when not to.

Ranged attacks are also imported but players need to know when to use them because when a player is using a ranged attack they are vulnerable and have no blocking abilities. The gameplay is fast and exciting even when a horde is not right on your tail. The game even has extra pickups in the missions that give you the chance to get better loot drops, but they come with a price.

“Vermantide 2” has some unique things about it and the best part is, it does not cost triple “A” price. It only costs $30 on “Stream”.

“Vermantide 2” has new things to offer compared to the first installation of the series and it brings something completely new for people who have not played any of the games before. “Vermantide 2” offers hours and hours of fun at half the price of games like “Sea of Thieves,” “Kingdom Come," and “Far Cry 5.” The development team is friendly and listens to their community. So, if “Left for Dead” was a series you enjoyed or you are just looking for something new, try out “Warhammer: Vermantide 2”.