The latest updates for the new "God Of War" sequel reveal a new feature for the PlayStation 4 Pro version. Game director Cory Balrog announced on Twitter that PlayStation users can enjoy the game's rich 4K resolution if they plan to upgrade from a regular PS4 to PS4 Pro console.

There are also new details about Kratos's new weapon in the news sequel and it is called the "Leviathan axe." The new axe weapon is the Spartan's replacement for his iconic chained swords, Blades Of Chaos, and it has the ability to create ice magic and called when thrown at an opponent.

The studio will explain their reasons for changing his weapon and how the upgrades work to improve its usefulness.

Performance mode on the PS4 Pro

According to Cory Balrog, the "Performance Mode" will offer a smoother visual presentation when playing "God of War," although the visuals might not be as crisp if the player favors the resolution. Video game fans can enjoy this feature if they upgrade to a PS4 Pro or have a 4K television at home.

It has been speculated that the sequel will run at 30fps on the standard PS4 console, but the PS4 Pro can deliver a higher than 30fps.

If not, players can still play the game properly, but they are worried about the lower visual quality of their current game console.

Weapon upgrades

According to lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald, the studio planned to make the "God of War" series to have a fresh start for Kratos after his war against Zeus and the Olympians in the third title.

Kratos now lives in the harsh and uncharted lands of Norway, wherein the Spartan will meet creatures and deities from Norse Mythology.

Kratos in the new game will have a son named Atreus, and the story will feature the latter guiding him and be a better father to him despite his brutal past. The Ghost of Sparta will also have a new weapon as he abandons his Blades of Chaos for him to move on.

The team already knew that Kratos will be using the Leviathan axe in the early stages of development for the game. What makes it so different from the Blades of Chaos is that video game fans can upgrade it based on their specifications. As the player progresses the appearance of the axe changes, and its power increases the more they use rune stones.

The sequel will also feature a "single-shot effect," meaning the game will not feature any cutscenes or loading screens. The game will feature monsters and Gods from the Norse legends such as Trolls, Frost Giants, Fenris Wolf, World Serpent, Thor, and many more.