After recent leaks from playtesters, a new PVE Mission is confirmed to be coming to “Overwatch” on April 10. It comes along with a new map and cosmetic items.

Yesterday, at the opening of stage 3 of the “Overwatch” league, Jeff Kaplan, lead designer of “Overwatch,” made a guest appearance to announce a new mission coming in the event on April 10. The event has changed its name to Archives while the new mission is called 'Retribution' and follows Blackwatch members Reaper, Mccree, Genji, and Moira in their fight against the mysterious organization known as 'Talon.'

The mission takes place eight years before “Overwatch” is set and appears to go wrong.

Jeff said that this mission led to the public finding out about Blackwatch, the covert branch of “Overwatch,” who had been previously unknown to the public. This makes this mission vitally important in “Overwatch” lore because this marks the beginning of the downfall of “Overwatch.”

During the announcement, a trailer was shown, showcasing some of the mission and giving an insight into the enemies. A variety of new, previously unseen enemy types were shown including an assassin, a sniper, and a heavy assault. These are brand new assets in the game as opposed to reskinned ones in last year’s Uprising event.

New map

Retribution takes place on a brand new map called Realto in Venice. This is contrary to the rumors that the new mission would be on the existing map of Dorado.

The rumors of a Dorado mission were sparked by a mural spotted in Melbourne and shared by Redditor Karahe. The mural appeared to show Dorado buildings in the background, but we now know these were the buildings of Venice.

The mission will be playable in two modes. One mode will feature the heroes from the lore while the other allows you to play as anyone, just like last year’s event.

However, Kaplan did state there would be some changes to the all hero mode but did not say what they will be.

New skins

Uprising, the mission from last year will also return and lets you play through Tracer’s first mission. Also returning are the loot box items from last year along with many new ones. It is likely that the Blackwatch Moira skin from the trailer will come to the game along with other skins.

Kaplan has confirmed a new Reaper skin called “Soldier 24” which shows him in the super soldier programme. In a recent developer update, Jeff said that a new skin would be added for our “favorite Shimada.” Whether this is Genji or Hanzo remains unknown, but it is reasonable to think it will be for Hanzo since Genji received one last year.

Get ready to fight Talon on April 10.