"Overwatch" has become a popular game over the course of its release and enduring gameplay. Two years ago, the Overwatch League (OWL) was created to celebrate the best "Overwatch" teams and players from around the world. Throughout the year, professional teams compete for a chance to win the Overwatch League trophy and a huge cash prize.

Ever since the league was created, many players have risen to fame because of their outstanding performance on a particular team or in a certain match. However, sometimes players let the fame go to their heads causing them to do inappropriate actions.

According to PC Gamer, OWL team, Boston Uprising, has officially terminated the contract of Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez.

What caused the contract termination

According to Esports Betting Tips, DreamKazper was, at first, only suspended from Boston Uprising after news of sexual allegations arose from a female fan. It appeared that DreamKazper and the female, aged 14-15 years old, had been pursuing a romantic and potentially sexual relationship over the past few weeks. The female made a statement that the "Overwatch" Player had sent her inappropriate pictures of himself.The female, herself, had also sent inappropriate pictures of herself to the "Overwatch" player.

Along with her statement, she also posted screenshots of her conversations with DreamKazper to prove that she was not lying. There is even an image of her post stating the DreamKazper knew of her age and still continued to make advances towards her. After some time, the female realized that the relationship she had with the "Overwatch" player was incredibly unhealthy and decided it was best to cut it off.

She posted the statement with the images in hopes that, in the future, no other professional player would do something like this.

After the statement was released, Boston Uprising took action and suspended DreamKazper while they continued to investigate the matter.

A statement on professional players

As professional players, it is their duty to make sure they stay professional inside and outside of their competitive life.

They have a reputation to uphold and it would only sully their name not only as a player but as a regular human being. That being said, the situation that arose with DreamKazper should be a wakeup call, not only to Overwatch League players but to any competitive gamers out there, that no professional player should ever make inappropriate advances to underage individuals.