Patch notes for "Fortnite's" V3.5 update have just been released and it introduced new items and bug fixes into the game. However, some contents that are likely to be rolled out in future updates may have also been leaked by players. "Fortnite" players - DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) – recently took to both Twitter and YouTube to reveal some upcoming skins and items that they've discovered and are expected to drop in the game's Battle Royale mode.

New leaked items

A total of 14 items were unearthed, which include four new skins, three pickaxes, three, back blings, and four gliders.

A couple of items are noticeably space-themed and that may well seem to strengthen the meteor/comet theory that has been the topic of discussion of most of the game's player base. Details about the items' rarities have yet to be disclosed by Epic Games.

Meanwhile, some players are beginning to discover the disco rooms that have popped up in some locations across the game map. Game buffs believe that this could be part of Week 9's challenges, as it was suggested in a data mined code. From the looks of it, the code will require players to dance in these areas of the map. Be reminded, though, that challenges might be tweaked the last minute and this could be included in future challenges.

Weapon disabled

"Fortnite's" V3.5 patch brought in some tweaks for both the Guided Missile and the Pump Shotgun. The update has nerfed the former's missile movement speed and maximum turn rate up to 15 and 75 percent respectively. However, Epic has recently discovered an animation issue with the Guided Missile that prompted them to disable it for the meantime.

The latter, on the other hand, no longer has the reloading animation.

That said, the weapon's infamous double pump technique has been observed by players to be making a comeback.

Twitch streamer Jason R proved that such technique has returned in the game as he posted a short clip over on Twitter. It can also be observed in the video that the latest update may well seem to have made the double pump technique a bit easier to execute than before.

Other fixes in the new update include:

  • Weapons floating in mid-air after players quickly switch between items/weapons.
  • Players were somewhat barred from editing their own structures.
  • An issue where a building would be blocked for three seconds due to poor network conditions.

For a more detailed look into this, visit "Fortnite's" official website. Check out a video about the game below.