The "Fortnite" player base has lately been trying out the latest addition in its 'Battle Royale' mode - the sticky nade known as the Clinger. That said, it seems that Epic Games has still got more up its sleeves as it was datamined yet again by these fans.

The Buddies are back

The German duo of DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) has struck again as they've datamined "Fortnite's" game files to see what they can still uncover. Luckily, quite a number of interesting stuff has been discovered including several sound clips of the incoming meteor/comet. A total of nine audio files were dug up namely:

  • Meteor_Almost_Landed
  • Meteor_BreakOpen
  • Meteor_Distant_Explosion
  • Meteor_Falling_Distant
  • Meteor_Falling_VeryDistant
  • Meteor_Impact
  • Meteor_Land_Distant
  • Meteor_Sonic_Boom
  • Meteor_SubImpact

In line with this, "Fortnite" YouTuber TmarTn2 also pointed out some things that were recently added to Tilted Towers.

According to the YouTuber, he noticed that there's a new chest location situated on top of the red brick building.

Alongside the chest are some items that could be hinting at a huge event that is about to take place. In his recent video, he featured the area in question where a bunch of chairs and a couch were facing an old TV set. He also took notice of some placards that were scattered as they too contain some sort of teasers of the things that are expected arrive in the game.

One of these contains the word "today" in which Tmar claims to be crossed out and was followed by the word "tomorrow."

'Carmine' playlist; 'Impact game mode confirmed?

Going back to the datamined files, DieBuddies highlighted that the playlist name of the dug-up audio was called "Carmine." If these files are anything to go by, they believe that the fallen meteors can be cracked open to obtain some loot from it just like supply drops.

They even referenced the "Carmine" moniker to the "Gears of War" character that often gets killed off in the game.

DieBuddies also came across with several more files about the falling object as they theorized that the falling meteor could be an upcoming event in "Fortnite" Battle Royale. This further strengthened their previous tweet about a game mode dubbed "Impact" which was also discovered within the game files alongside a couple more modes ("Playground" and "SolidGold).

New cosmetics

Meanwhile, "Fortnite" faithfuls are pretty much aware by now about the leaked skins that the Buddies recently tweeted. Two new skins, back blings, and a pickaxe have been discovered as these are expected to be rolled out by Epic in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out a video about the game here: