On the surface, "Stardew Valley" is a simple farming game about collecting items and making friends, maybe even getting married. Having been released on most major consoles, it has to be doing something good, right? Not to mention, millions of people play the game worldwide and discuss why other people should join the bandwagon. Surprisingly, there are many secrets to uncover throughout the game.

A few secrets

There are four secret boxes spread all over the main town of "Stardew Valley." When certain items are put into these boxes, strange statues will be given in return.

The first box is in a fenced-in area behind the Blacksmiths. When a Super Cucumber is put into the box, it results in a statue called "??HTMGF??." One of the other boxes requires a Duck Mayo resulting in "??Pinky Lemon??," and another box results in "??Forogguemon??" when a Strange Bun is put into the container. The last box is a complete mystery, no one knows what is supposed to be put in it, it does not even seem like it is an active part of the game. No one knows what the statues mean or what they are meant to do, maybe if all four of them were brought together, we would know what the mystery is about.

A sword called the Galaxy Sword is obtainable in the game. To get the sword, you need a Prismatic Shard and access to Calico Dessert.

One of the first notable things in the Calico Desert are four large pillars rising from the sand with a small circle in the middle of them. Hold the Prismatic Shard and stand over the circle. Pressing the action button will give you the Galaxy Sword. It is not quite figured out why the sword appears in such a certain place with such a certain item.

Last, but certainly not least, is the statue that resides in the Secret Forest. When the statue is interacted with, it mentions searching for the sweetest fruit. When obtaining a Rare Seed, plant it during the spring or summer. The plant will produce a Sweet Gem Berry. Take the berry to the Secret Woods and offer it to the statue.

The result is the statue giving you the hard to find StarDrop fruit. This fruit, when eaten, gives you more energy, allowing you to do more in a single day without getting worn out as fast.

In conclusion

The secrets in this article just barely scratch the surface of the those found throughout "Stardew Valley." Many more mysteries reside inside the game, some that we do not even have hints too yet. Can you find all of the mysteries and unlock their secrets?