There have been many changes to League of Legends over the course of the last two weeks, including a new champion and heavy modifications to its primary lore regarding two large regions. Two champions from the Void received a reworked bio -- Kassadin and Malzahar -- and a new Void champion was introduced: Kai’Sa. With this, the popular game released a long story about the area of Shurima and just how its story intertwines with the Void and the creatures from it.

‘Where Icathia once stood’ and translating it into lore

This short story takes place in the desert sands of what most players consider Shurima, but it is a different city altogether.

Icathia and Shurima were two peoples and cultures at war for the rights to the land and the story is written from the point of view of an Icathia soldier. He elaborates that he was essentially drafted as a soldier and the odds were against them when going up against the vast Shurima armies.

Shurima used its soldiers alongside god-warriors to combat those from Icathia and though they were going up against a strong force, Icathia was more than proud of their people. Before they had their biggest battle yet, Axa took notice of priests from Icathia working on what his acquaintance called a “weapon” that will help them win the war to preserve their homeland.

Many fans believed Saijax, Axa’s acquaintance, is Jax, the champion corrupted by the Void and from Icathia.

As the battle continued, the Icathian weapon was revealed, and the Void began to consume the Shuriman armies as it does just about everything else. It eats and destroys the army, then promptly targets the land, as well as Icathia and its soldiers. Axa refuses to leave his home and dies there, forgetting his identity, while Saijax flees.

Kai’Sa lore and gameplay

Just a little less than a week ago, “League of Legends” released information on their newest, unreleased champion named Kai’Sa, dubbed the “Daughter of the Void.” She is a human girl from Shurima that was trapped in the Void and forced to adapt to the harsh environment. Her body transformed into a half-Void creature and ever since, she has been seen as a monster to humans, but still slays void creatures ruthlessly.

Her origins can be found within the destruction and battle of Icathia.

Kai’Sa is considered a marksman and can move very quickly through the map. Somewhat like Kha’zix, Kai’Sa’s symbiote suit changes throughout a match depending on what stats she gains from the items she builds. An extra bonus of her passive is “Caustic Wounds,” which allows enemies marked by Plasma from Kai’Sa’s basic attacks to take added damage.

She is very much a mix of many other existing champions in terms of ability, and it is likely that she will be very popular when she is released to the public.

What this means for the history between Shurima and the Void

With all of this news, we may also be able to expect changes to other champions, reworks in their designs, and potential ability changes as well.

Kassadin and Malzahar have both been hit with reworks in their lore, so it would be safe to assume “League of Legends” may be updating their splash art, as well as other Void champions. This story gives us an outlook on the Void that had not been so clean cut. It illustrates the tension that there would likely be between specific champions and there might be a possibility that “League of Legends” will be releasing a gameplay style for the big changes once they are finished.