With the release of "Where Icathia Once Stood," two popular Champions, Kassadin and Malzahar, also received updates to their lore. The story revolves around the ultimate battle between Shurima and Icathia, which ends in the destruction of both cultures and peoples. Icathian priests summoned a weapon they believed would win them the war, but it brought the Void to Runeterra, which promptly began to swallow up and corrupt everything in its path. This update information comes from the main sites for "League of Legends."

Adjusted lore and tying the champions together

Malzahar’s reworked biography has him written as a seer from Shurima that began to lose hope in the world around him improving or changing.

He became empty and turned to traveling to find his answers. In doing so, he came across the ruins of Icathia and the Void opening and was changed as it began to corrupt him. After being corrupted, he went to the rest of Shurima and spread his belief-system, fighting anyone who denied him with the Void creatures he could bring forth.

The adjusted lore of Kassadin also brings him forward as a champion who was tied into the misfortunes the Void carried with it. His job included traveling frequently away from his wife and child. When he heard of the horrors of the Void from a group of horrified survivors, he went rushing back to see them. Unfortunately, he returned to the entire town being gone and swallowed up by the Void, and with that, he becomes essentially homeless.

Losing his daughter to the Void, there is a very likely chance that Kai’Sa could potentially be related to Kassadin.

Kassadin wanders and hears of a man dubbed “The Prophet,” who was corrupted and changed by the Void and seeks to kill him because of his connection to such a place. Searching for vengeance, Kassadin prepared himself in any way he could, taking any weapon and armor that would grant him the strength he needed, and so, he set himself onward to kill Malzahar.

Jax’s feature within ‘Where Icathia Once Stood’

Though he isn’t explicitly stated to be the champion we recognize, Jax is embedded into the story “League of Legends” posted yesterday (March 3) about Icathia battling Shurima. His name is Saijax and he fights alongside the main character, Axa, until the conclusion, where he flees and Axa is destroyed by the Void.

Jax wields a lamppost instead of the ax that is described within the story, but his weapon after the destruction of Icathia is claimed to be more so symbolic of its light that still remains.