Fresh content keeps coming in "Fortnite" as new cosmetics are being introduced to the game including some new game modes. As new updates are being dropped into the game, players are also discovering glitches that can be either fun or game-breaking. One of which is a bug that is somewhat taken from the pages of "Harry Potter."

A glitch with a catch

Quite a number of "Fortnite" faithfuls may already be aware of this, but there is a glitch in the Retail Row portion of the map where players are being teleported. It may not help players get a victory royale in BR, but it's a cool trick to do.

A bit of a heads up though, there's a catch in performing this glitch. Players might end up being knocked out as they will reappear mid-air, not to mention that it's not that far from where the glitch is. Additionally, other players claim that this can also be done in other areas of the map, but this specific location on the map is the best one.

To pull off this trick, one must head on to Retail Row. Look for the old crack house (the one with a pink car) in the middle where the ramped road is located. From there, build a ramp parallel to the rock formation leaving a very small space between them. Run towards that small space and get teleported. The final step may be a bit tricky and could take a couple of tries for it to work.

On Hunting Rifle's accuracy issues

Meanwhile, update 3.2 has finally implemented a fix for the Hunting Rifle's accuracy. Prior to this, there was a recent post over on the FortniteBR subreddit where the player (/u/Squop) asked the game devs as to why there's a bloom even when his character was standing completely still.

A staff from Epic took notice of the post and responded that there were three separate issues that caused it to happen:

  • The accuracy reticle UI doesn't match the actual accuracy of the weapon.
  • It was supposed to have the so-called first shot accuracy whenever players are aiming. However, this was not properly set.
  • The first issue has caused the aiming accuracy to be set to a lower value than it should have been. Hence, aiming will also be more accurate in cases where players don't have the first shot accuracy.

The latest patch pointed out, however, that hip-fire remains unchanged for the Hunting Rifle.

Other weapon fixes that were rolled out alongside the patch include weapon loading issues that prevented players from seeing/using their weapons and an issue that cancels the equip animation whenever a weapon is fired.

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