Epic Games has just rolled out the new Rex outfit alongside its Scaly back bling and the Pick Squeak pickaxe for "Fortnite." Creative members of its community are also pitching in some of their outfit ideas to the game maker as they hope that their work would someday grace the third-person shooter. One of these suggested ideas was recently noticed by one from the dev team as it was all too familiar to him.

Skin concept inception

A "Fortnite" fan (/u/XboxOneBlows) recently posted a skin concept over on FortniteBR's subreddit as it suggested that Epic should make an outfit that will be inspired by the person who designed the Graffiti Art in the game.

Per the post, it was an image of a character whose head is the yellow-haired graffiti guy in the game. The skin concept even came in with back bling and a stop sign for a pickaxe.

As mentioned, a staff from Epic saw the pitched idea. What made it amazing was the fact that the actual guy (/u/RZELive) whose responsible for putting the graffiti was the one who commended the fan's work. He even made a revelation as he stated that the graffiti in the game was an old cartoon version of himself. As proof, he even posted an image of himself alongside his doodled iteration and went on stating that he never thought that it would explode like this.

At the time of writing, the Reddit post has been upvoted for over 17, 000 times by its community.

One even left a comment stating that the thread was like "an episode of 'Scooby Doo Inception'" as the post suggests of a skin to serve as some sort of homage to the one responsible for the graffiti in the game. Turns out, the said street art was made to honor the person who's been putting it in the battle royale shooter.

Upcoming cosmetics

Meanwhile, upcoming cosmetics for "Fortnite" Battle Royale has been leaked just recently where it featured the above-mentioned Rex (outfit), Scaly (back bling), and the Pick Squeak (pickaxe). Epic, on the other hand, has yet to roll out other leaked cosmetics which include:

  • Burnout (outfit)
  • Rogue Agent (outfit)
  • Brilliant Striker (outfit)
  • Radiant Striker (outfit)
  • Tactical Spade (pickaxe)
  • Empire Axe (pickaxe)
  • Catalyst (back bling)
  • Make it Rain (emote)
  • Reanimated (emote)

The game maker is still mum as to when will these cosmetics be released, though "Fortnite" buffs believe that it will be teased soon enough. In the meantime, check out a video about this awesome game here: