"Fortnite" has become a worldwide phenomenon and doesn't appear to be losing any steam. Players fight in gigantic 100 player verses player battles down to one victor and are given the ability to destruct virtually anything they choose, build great defenses, or simply run around like a mad man shooting every bullet they can find.

"Fortnite" takes a fantastic concept, similar to their counterparts, "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and "H1Z1" and adds a sort of cartoonish style to it, creating something that all gamers can get behind. Even NFL players like JJ Watt are getting in the know, wondering what people thought was the better experience in a poll he tweeted last month.

With such incredible success, what's next for "Fortnite?" The seemingly obvious answer might have been Vehicles, or so we thought. Players are constantly pushing for more content in their Video Games and the big question is whether Epic Games would be adding vehicles that players could drive, blow up, or splatter their opponents with? What is the consensus between developers and players though, and what are the possibilities that "Fortnite" will ever actually get vehicles?

Epic Games response to vehicles?

According to Epic Games, "Right now we do not have any immediate plans to add vehicles. We’ve done some very early prototypes internally, but have concerns with how they’ll affect the flow of Battle Royale.

We’ll let you know our plans when we have a better understanding of their impact."

Although not set in stone, the immediate future does not look to have vehicles in "Fortnite." Whether or not this will hold true in the future is up in the air. In an article by Express, there was news of a jet pack being introduced into "Fortnite" Save the World (PvE) mode and according to Gamer Revolution a hoverboard is already making an appearance.

Anything is still possible!

Player responses to vehicles in 'Fortnite'?

After reading through comments about "Fortnite" opinions regarding vehicles the issue seems to be pretty mixed among fans. A number of players believe that the map in "Fortnite" is accessible enough as it is, and introducing driven vehicles would either convolute things, feel like they're copying their predecessor "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," or simply make it unenjoyable.

There are a number of players however, who believe it would add another dimension to "Fortnite's" already fast-paced and exciting gameplay. Giving players more content or playable features is the most surefire way to keep building your player base and satisfying gamers everywhere.

As of now, there will be no vehicles in "Fortnite". That doesn't mean they will shy away completely, though. There is always a chance Epic Games will add them at some point in the future. Are you a player who wishes for a vehicle update in Battle Royale?