Facebook Live

Facebook has found out that going live for various events can be profitable for the company and increase its revenues. Facebook is thinking about getting into professional live streaming business.

Players like ESPN and Starsports are already the market leader in the sporting live event coverage worldwide. For Facebook, it will not be an easy task to get market share. On the other hand, Facebook has a very large user base, and the company has an advantage of huge numbers of mobile users worldwide.

Spanish Deal

Facebook has made a deal last week with Major League Soccer and Univision (Spanish-language broadcaster) for English language broadcasting of 22 MLS games that is going to be on air in Spanish this year.

The social media giant is also going to host around 40 episodes of "Matchday Live" featuring match highlights, analysis and news on that particular day.

Live streaming competition

Facebook)is not the only company that is looking to capture some of the large live streaming future market. Twitter and Amazon are already in the race. Amazon was in talks with several broadcasters recently for similar deals like Facebook, but the concern was whether to include live streaming as a free service or for a subscriber fee. On the other side of the story, Twitter already broadcasted 10 NFL Thursday night games held last year. Twitter is having a successful deal with Wimbledon, NHL and NBA.

Facebook seems to be ahead in viewership because of its large user base and a percentage of sports lovers on it are more than any other social network.

That's not all! News Feed always updates users about ongoing games and other events at a regular intervals. Sharing option also keeps Facebook ahead on competition with other social networking companies.

Facebook's new Video App

Recently, the social media giant also launched an application for streaming videos on set-tops and smart televisions.

The option also includes a choice of a video program and interest area. Facebook is making money by selling big ticket advertisement from some of the big brands.

The buck not only stops at few sports deals but also it is a long-term strategy by Facebook to generate the huge amount of revenues. The future seems to be sunny for live streaming. For users and advertisers, it will be a win-win situation on a single platform to gain access to the finest sporting events that will take place worldwide.