In a world full of re-releases, remasters and re-imaginings, why is it we get a "Call of Duty" remastered game every year but some of the greatest classics of the video game industry are left alone in the dark? Recently, I re-downloaded "Max Payne" on my PS4 and immediately got lost in the game for hours, which made me think about the possibilities this could have if remastered. It boasts one of the greatest stories ever told, regardless of what medium it was told on. With legendary voice-over work by the man himself, James McCaffrey, "Max Payne" has cemented itself in gaming history and is still played by gamers today.

From original PS2 copies to now being released on PS4 as a digital download, it has stood the test of time, even with it's dated graphics. Thus proving once and for all, story trumps all. With the overwhelming response of remasters, it's a shame classics like this haven't seen the light. Yet.

Why should we care about a 'Max Payne' remaster?

In today's gaming industry, we see games of unprecedented graphical advancements and are treated to eye candy time and time again. However, as any gamer will tell you, graphics aren't everything. Games need a compelling story, something to keep you going and want to make it to the end. It's almost like a choose your own adventure book, as we have a general story laid out, but how we read it is for us to decide.

This legendary has the storytelling down to a science, and the film-noir style and voiceover is what drives the game. Match this unique ability with the near flawless graphics of today and new and old gamers alike would flock to the stores for a remastered copy of this.

Would you play a remastered 'Max Payne' game?

If you're like me, you're secretly awaiting the day when Rockstar announces they're planning on a "Max Payne" remaster.

I see games all the time that don't deserve this ornate treatment, however, they are pushed out year after year. Why? Because gamers keep buying them, so why wouldn't "Call of Duty" get another remastered game? We as the fans need to push for content we want and make it clear we would buy remastered editions of other games.

"Max Payne" and "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne" are in need of this treatment. There are few gamers I've ever met in my life that didn't love this game. We hold the power and have the choice to not buy certain games and let the publishers know what we want. Would you want a remastered version of "Max Payne" and do you think we could ever possibly convince Rockstar to do so? I definitely believe there is a big enough market and different generations of gamers would instantly be attracted to the idea.