eSports are here to stay and Twitch is making sure you know about it, with over 10 million viewers tuning into the first Overwatch League streams back in January, it's big business for gamers, streamers and fans everywhere. In Twitch's latest partnership with Blizzard's popular multi-player online shooter, "Overwatch," the pair are taking a different approach to getting fans to log on and tune in. Not only does "Overwatch" as an e-sport set make stars of its players, it also wants to reward the fans who watch and interact with e-sports matches.

Unlock exclusive 'Overwatch' skins & emotes by cheering on Twitch

To get involved with the "Overwatch" and Twitch magic, you just need to connect your profile with your Twitch account. Simple. Once that is done, you'll be able to share animated emoticons or "cheers" during Overwatch League matches, which if you're lucky will unlock exclusive in-game skins and emotes for your favorite characters. Considering how many hours of gameplay it can take you to unlock new skins within the main game, this is sure to be a welcome addition to the franchise, particularly if you already enjoy watching eSports.

In addition to the ability to cheer to unlock new content, Blizzard and Twitch also report the addition of a new form of in-game currency that can be earned by watching Overwatch League matches through to the end.

The in-game currency will allow users to buy exclusive Overwatch League jerseys for their characters which would otherwise only be available in exchange for real money.

This is a great, fun way to show support for your favorite teams whilst you play yourself. These new additions from Twitch and "Overwatch" are sure to be game-changers, helping pave the way for new and exciting ways to integrate personal play into e-sports viewing.

VIP Overwatch League tickets are coming

Representatives from Blizzard and Twitch announced an extra layer to this new e-sports approach, stating that they are “developing a VIP ticket to the best of the Overwatch League [VIDEO] that unlocks even more in-game items, behind-the-scenes video content on Twitch, and plenty of other perks to be announced.” If you're a fan of "Overwatch," be sure to keep an eye on their channels for more information.

The next stage of Overwatch League kicked off last night with a match between Seoul Dynasty and Los Angeles Valiant. The new phase welcomes a number of new signings, including the Overwatch League's first female player, Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon of the Shanghai Dragons.

'Overwatch' and Twitch e-sports deal worth $90 million

With this eSports deal being worth a reported $90 million, this is an historic moment for gaming fans everywhere. Whether you just want to kill a few hours watching the pros "nerf" stuff or whether you're considering a career change to pro-gamer; it's clear to see that eSports are quickly becoming even bigger business.