Pokémon leaks seem to have taken on a life of their own these days. This is something that happens with every new series of Pokémon games, and often leads to debate among fans. Recently, with Pokémon coming to the Switch, back on January 31st, these starters were leaked. These starters were a cave bear, a horse, and a coral Pokémon, and had been the topic of discussion for a while before being labeled Fake. Despite this, Pokémon fans are also getting excited about these fake leaks.

The fake leaks continue

Considering that with every generation there are always fake Pokemon leaks, it seems that many people are looking toward what real leaks could occur.

Only a few days ago a new set of leaks were released that were about possible starters. These closely resembled the Gen 7 starter final evolution leaks that many had believed were fake before being announced as real. YouTuber Aero went to Twitter with a poll to see people's thoughts on it. Despite the majority of people voting on the side of these leaks being fake there were hopes that they were real listed in the comments of these tweets. However, on the 21st of February, he came back reporting that it had been discovered that these leaks were fake, citing pokemonmillennium.

According to Gamerant, the creator of the fake leak was Leopoldo Spain, an Italian designer, who claimed to be shocked to see how much relevance his work had gathered.

He released a post on his 50 Shades of Heliolisk page on Facebook, taking credit for his work, written in Italian like the rest of his page. He stated that he had a Japanese friend help with the writing to go along with the art, and that he couldn't believe how quickly his work spread.

Where does it go from here?

While it can be disheartening to only see fake leaks, it is important to remember that these become popular because of the hype for the new game.

Generation 8 rumors have circled for a while at this point and there have already been two sets of Fake Starters within a month of each other. These fake spoilers are wonderful as they show the love for the series, with hours of work put into them. While fans await a real set of starters, the continued work of the artists behind fake spoilers is important.

After all, seeing them is a great way to get hyped for the new games. Each set of fake spoilers drives a single point home, and drives it well. A new set of games is on the horizon and Nintendo will release the real starters in the future. Whatever Nintendo does for the new game, it will be something that will be talked about among fans, and these fake leaks will be discussed in comparison. This is why they should be looked forward to.