From February 18 through March 3, Sony is giving you the holiday deal of dreams. For only $200, PlayStation lovers can get the Psvr headset for a limited time only. Sony made this exciting announcement on February 15 by giving fans a delightful deal too good to pass up.

According to Sony's official site, "Our playstation vr holiday deal was such a popular promotion, we’re bringing it back to our fans."

The bundle starting at $200 only includes the headset, meaning you will still have to purchase the PlayStation camera which goes with it.

However, Sony has plenty of great holiday bundles that do include the camera and a little something special on the site. Deals such as their PlayStation VR Doom VFR Bundle going for $299.99 or their PlayStation VR Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Bundle going for $349.99 are excellent deals which also includes the camera needed to play.

Time to get hyped

If you've ever wanted to get the PSVR system, now's definitely your chance. Other loyal Sony consumers are certainly excited at the comeback of this beloved holiday deal and are looking forward to partaking in it.

Virtual Reality systems growing in popularity

The PSVR has been a huge point of topic for techies and gamers alike as the new world of virtual reality brings us unknown perspectives.

While there are definitely challenges to using this equipment, as there is with many new technologies, virtual reality systems are growing in popularity. Sony has also been much more courteous with their prices in comparison to their competitors, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. According to The Verge, "Even at nearly $500, PSVR is still cheaper than the Rift and Vive, which respectively cost $599 and $799 plus the cost of a PC."

The Verge also warns that this may be because the PSVR isn't trying to be the top competitor, which may be because it's made specifically for gaming purposes.

Other VR systems can be used for a variety of things, but the PSVR in specific is growing in popularity the more accessible it becomes. With deals such as Sony's holiday bundle, it's a gamer's dream.

The official Sony site notes that there are some other reasons this sale is particularly useful. According to them, "This deal comes at such an exciting time for PS VR, with recent launches such as "The Inpatient" and "Accounting +", and upcoming titles like "Moss," "Bravo Team," and more!"

If you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket and you've been aching to try the PSVR system, now is definitely your time to shine and hop on the virtually real train.