The latest updates for the new "God Of War" sequel reveal the possible boss fight between Kratos and the legendary Norse God of Thunder, Thor in the game.

Sony and Santa Monica Studios streamed a new story trailer titled "The Dead Stone Mason," and it tells the tale of the frost giant, Themur and his conflict with Thor in Midgard before the events of the game.

The video game publishers also revealed a new gameplay video for "God of War" showcasing Kratos and Atreus's teamwork, and two new monsters.

The Thunderer appears

According to the video, Themur tries to build a wall to protect his home realm of Jotenheim from Thor and his forces.

Themur cannot complete his task without the help of his son, Harinthur, but the latter refuses to help his father build the wall and wants to fight.

The two giants fought each other, and Harinthur ran off to Midgard to escape his father. Themur followed him into Midgard and got lost in the forest. His cries for his son caught the attention of Thor and a battle ensued. The Thunderer was able to beat Themur easily as he was killed by his own chisel.

The frost giant's death unleashed a powerful wave of energy that engulfed Midgard into eternal winter. Themur's frozen corpse is a reminder of Thor's wrath and brutality.

The new "God of War" sequel will feature Kratos and Atreus's adventures into the uncharted lands of Norway, and they will encounter gods and monsters from Norse Mythology.

It is clear that the Ghost of Sparta will fight Thor in a fierce boss battle at some point in the game.

New gameplay

Sony and Santa Monica Studios revealed a new gameplay trailer for "God of War" at the Paris Games Week event. The trailer focuses on the dynamic between Kratos and Atreus during battle as they will encounter hordes of enemies that will overwhelm them.

Atreus can fire specialized arrows and taunts his enemies to distract them. Kratos will use his new enchanted axe and spartan-like brutality to defeat his foes. The video also revealed two new monsters: the Soul Eater, and an unknown enemy with a female voice.

Kratos's son can learn different languages to cast spells, and talk to other Norse monsters like the World Serpent and the Fenris Wolf.

Kratos will serve as a mentor to Atreus and they will challenge each other to prove his worth.

Santa Monica Studio's Head Officer Shannon Studstill announced on the PlayStation Blog that there are other functions in the sequel's combat system.

"What you witnessed in God of War's new Paris Games Week trailer is a smidgeon -- a sliver -- of the unflinching, intense, brutal and often empowering new combat in God of War," Studstill wrote.

The game will launch on early 2018 for the PlayStation 4.