I sit here today pondering this list and I can't say I've ever been more excited for a year of video game releases. 2018 is packed full of content that will truly leave its players in awe. Before we delve into the upcoming releases of 2018, please keep in mind that the games included have been chosen based on my own preferences. The games that I have included span all of the platforms, they aren't specific to one particular console. With this being said, let's dive into the top 4 video game releases of 2018.


"Detention"' trailer:

"Detention" is an atmospheric horror game based on 1960's Taiwanese martial law.

"Detention" utilizes simple point and click game mechanics with the focal point of player enjoyment being directed towards the strong story and atmosphere. The plot of "Detention" revolves around the idea of a character venturing into a school that's plagued with supernatural activity in hopes of uncovering stories behind the haunted facility. "Detention" incorporates religious elements from Taiwanese/Chinese culture and mythology. "Detention" will surely bring an immersive experience for those who decide to venture into Redcandle's 2018 release.


"Anthem" trailer:

EA's BioWare studios brings us "Anthem," a new shared-world, action RPG set in an open world environment. Within "Anthem," players take the role of a Freelancer wearing a fully customizable Exosuit, and team up with other players to fight savage beasts and relentless marauders while exploring the open world terrain.

World-altering occurrences such as storms consume the world at random, destroying everything in their path and permanently modifying the game. These storms will make for a unique experience like no other. "Anthem" is being developed on the Frostbite 3 game engine, which explains the marvelous emphasis on the highly graphic world.

"Anthem" is intended to be released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. EA has pushed the release of "Anthem" back to Q1 of 2019.

'God of War'

"God of War" trailer:

SIE Santa Monica Studios are back, continuing the marvelous epic "God of War." This soft reboot will take the series into a world of Norse mythology rather than the Greek mythology that influenced the previous 7 games.

Kratos will return as the main character, mentoring his son Atreus as he masters the rage that has driven him for many years. Kratos must also contend with the Norse gods as they take precautions against him, for they know of his previous destruction of Olympus. "God of War" needs little explanation considering its large following of fans that religiously embrace this magnificent series.


"Ashen" trailer:

"Ashen" -- a game by AURORA44 -- is a 3rd person, action RPG that focuses heavily on forging relationships as you explore this bygone world. Players can choose to faction with those they trust, inviting them to their camp, encouraging them to rest at the fire and perhaps remain for good.

"Ashen" brings a passive multiplayer experience with high-risk combat, giant creatures, and non-linear progression. AURORA44 has taken an incredibly unique position in the open world, action RPG genre that dominates the gaming community these days. Unfortunately, "Ashen" will be featured on the Xbox One and PC exclusively.

Video game connoisseurs, we are in for one hell of a year.